ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #5

It’s Money Mark is BACK – I hope you missed us cause we sure did!

If you held onto your US$ Blue Chip stocks or the Oldies but Goodies, you are smiling all the way to the Bank this week! 🙂
The out of favour US$ stocks all year in 2020, and especially since the Pandemic, are drinking Matias from Hawaii to Florida celebrating BIDEN HARRIS Elect and the interesting timing of the Pfizer announcement for the 90% COVID19 Vaccine. The 46th President Elect, Joe R. Biden Jnr. has got rolling with messages of unity, building back, and Coronavirus advisor and advisory. About 30 days ago, the rhetoric in the U.S.A. was that a BIDEN victory would have been disastrous for the Dow Jones, the NYSE and the NASDAQ – typically with the Markets the opposite is true, and we are seeing that pretty much immediately since the snail pace count in Nevada.
The Tourism – Cruises, Airlines, and Dividend “Oldies but Goodies Flying”
They got rumbling this week, like a duck out of water.
• Carnival Corp, who has cancelled cruises every 30 days or so, giving Caribbean tourism players stress beyond belief in 2020, rumbled almost touching US$ 20, from near Lows of US$ 12 and change in October 2020, pulled back to a mid-point after the fire hot Monday’s trade
• American Air, which could not get a break on social media, advanced on Monday to US$ 14/15 levels from US$ 11 and change levels,
• General Electric, the old stalwart, rallied from US$ 8 and change to above US$ 9/ share, it was good to see this from GE, quite a surge finally.
Not to mention, and something to bring us home, to our shores, that recently released their earnings report and had their earnings call on or around November 5th, 2020, PLAYA HOTELS & RESORTS NV:
• Jump here this week from US$ 3.70-3.80 and change, to just a few cents under US$ 5/ share
So, with the open MD&A and clear reports on the larger losses at PLAYA for the Quarter and the mounting Cash Burn, even PLAYA partook in the mountainous Rally…
U.S. Markets Needed this & Hope
Whether it is short lived or a bit of hype from Pfizer too early, we aren’t sure, but it is clear from the reaction earlier this week, that if we gauge the markets as also some degree of humanity reaction – we needed this.
By mid-week and hump day, most of the Euphoria feeling has pulled back to the mid-point of the jump, which is normal, and can be taken either way. The takeaways are:
• The markets needed this one, they got what they initially needed, Stability and Good News which everyone pegged as some Vaccine News
• The markets are digesting and want more info hence the mid-point pullback
This could be a valuable and illustrative lesson for Jamaica. Yes, we understand our fiscal constraints, but what can Leadership and we do, to create some Hope now, and foster some positive news for Jamaica?
The feeling of positiveness and breathing room goes along way as evidenced above.
Earnings Calls re: the JSE Market
Since late last week and daily, every time you check the popular JSE website – more earnings, and more earnings, its reporting time for public companies.
We are looking out for the logistics and local food supply chain ones that we have been bullish on, and in particular,
• Seprod (SEP)
• GraceKennedy (GK)
• Caribbean Cream (KREMI)
• Mailpac (MAILPAC)
• Indies Pharma (INDIES)
Grace and Mailpac have reported smashing year over year numbers and potential analyst expectations if we had those in the Market, which we do not yet.
The market is still in uncertain territory and is sideways right now given the Pandemic. Do not expect this to change anytime soon, with funds sitting on the sidelines or mainly considering real estate or private credit it seems as less riskier propositions.

Be Good and until Next Week, 
It’s Money Mark.

These opinions and thoughts are solely of ItsMoneyMark and does not constitute investment advice.
Ensure to always speak to a Licensed Financial Advisor.

Thank you for reading!

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