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Apple, Apple, Apple Mania (NASDAQ: AAPL) keeps coming! Oh yes, we had to say it 3x! As they say, good things happen in 3’s. 

Its amazing that Tim Cook, has been CEO now for 9 years and change… When Tim became CEO, the world was going to end as many analysts thought and opined that no one could replace the Legend and the Great One, Steve Jobs. Now, the time has flown, this year August 2021, makes 10 years, and it really feels like just a few years ago. It all in all reflects the powerhouse job, Tim has done at Apple. 

When he came into the Drivers seat, Apple Inc. share price was US$ 13 and change. Today, we are around US$ Mid 120s – 130s.

That is 946% return so far in Tim at the helm and continuing. An annual rate of return, not including dividends of simply, 105%. Two (2) new developments have occurred at Apple Inc:

  1. Revenues soar higher and eclipse US$ 100 Billion for the 1st time in a Quarterly earnings release, 
  2. AAPL has announced working towards this deal/ partnership with Kia/ Hyundai imminently, but production is not until earliest 2024. These are anticipated to be electric vehicles (“EV”) and autonomous. Feeling a bit of the “Jetsons” here, but in a different way… THE DEAL WAS ON, THEN THE DEAL WAS OFF, FOR ALL WE KNOW THEY WAY THAT HYUNDAI AND KIA OPERATE AND TEND TO BE VERY PRIVATE COMPANIES UNTIL THINGS ARE CLOSER TO MATERIALIZING, MAYBE, ITS ACTUALLY STILL ON…

Every few years, you would hear on the “street” or on the earnings calls on AAPL, that they are tapped out, there is no further market share, the CEO and team can’t keep this innovation going, they have plateaued, etc. Every 2/3 years they beat the street and got through that negative sentiment each time, especially a Company with approximately US$ 200 Billion of Cash on Hand today… 

The iPhone 12 stirred revenues much higher that crushed the revenue targets by analysts. In addition, the smart phones, still account for about 60% of Apple’s revenue concentration. 

This is a diversify play, and would not hit the Financials anytime soon, but could be clearly showing that Apple and Cook are looking to diversify and get that 60% concentration lower. 

Let us see the outcome, but as of recent, Apple has not had many losers, if any, and they keep winning. The space will be a tough one as Tesla (down approx. 7% YTD) that is all the rage today, and there were recent re-posted articles that Cook declined a meeting with Musk at one point. If so, the potential bad blood here should be energizing for both Companies potentially, Apple and Tesla. Musk is no slouch and 2024 is a long time away from now. This gives Musk and Tesla a lot of time to prepare for the competition, etc. 

Why show Apple’s 9-year return since Cook at the Helm:

The markets have been extremely choppy for a few weeks, before the 10-year US$ treasury yields “settled down” (this one has climbed YTD alone from .9% to now 1.6%, keep watching this space!) and the FED gave clearer signals, and the U.S. jobless claims came out way better than expected for a few weeks in a row now… We also got a recent taste of the annual “Buffet” euphoria with his annual newsletter, whereby he is not investing much, still holding hoards of cashing and plans to buy-back a lot of his own Company’s stock. Interestingly, he holds a lot of Apple Inc. 

After being choppy for a while, and then the above happening, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500, have surged to record after record in the past few weeks with the Dow Jones above 32,000 PTS and now even above 32,500 PTS. 

The point is in these times, where every few weeks there is some eccentric exposure in the markets and then things settle down, and we are still in a Pandemic (once in 100 years they say), but we keep hitting new records in the indices, S&P 500, the Dow Jones, etc – STICK WITH THE OLD TRUSTIES AND THE ONES THAT HAVE DELIVERED AND KEEP DELIVERING UNTIL THEY STOP DELIVERING LIKE APPLE AND TIM! THERE ARE A FEW OTHERS OUT THERE AS WELL!

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