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Coinbase, Coinbase, Coinbase, yup, we said it three (3x) times… If it is not in your vocabulary or your Friday evening “rums”, “gins”, “prosecco” or whatever your drink-up conversation, you might as well do some googling today after your office closes at 12pm so you can sound “wicked smart” this evening… The company that amazingly has flown under the radar for so long but has clearly taken advantage of the crypto-currency boom recently shed some light on their financials. The numbers are not just fascinating, they are HUGE, they are bigger than TESLA HUGE or MUSK HUGE! 

Let us look at Coinbase, the new phenomenon, by the numbers quickly and the one that U.S. analysts are already putting side by side, with the tech stocks that had similar starting points over the past 10-13 years in U.S. markets, such as but not limited to: 


Not only have all been in the wave of the past 2 decades and the internet/ digital time, and the acceleration of digital, e-commerce, etc., but have had a further wave in their specific sector or niche… 

So, its industry wave and the sector wave, and the quarterly earnings have just rolled in each case. In a few periods post IPO, there were a few shaky quarters, which is normal, however once stabilized, it has been hard to bet against a quarterly earnings report (“EPS”) for all the companies… in hindsight, the WAVES OF PROFITS at these entities has grown from quarter to quarter and year to year and seemingly each one’s profit is like a tsunami, except it keeps growing higher and deliver to shareholders and has not subsided… 


Unless the U.S. or FED one day woke up and did something seemingly totally radical against bitcoin, or crypto-currency markets, the last we have heard something this wildly profitable so early out, and as well as talked about by U.S. analysts, is reminiscent of GO, GO, GOOG, GOOG, GOOGLE!

We know how that story ended and keeps going…


  • REVENUE US$ 1.8 Billion for Quarter 1
  • NET PROFIT US$ 730 Million to US$ 800 Million for Quarter 1
  • ACTIVE USERS JUMPS, 3.3 Million, to 6.1 Million users from 2.8 Million users
  • VERIFIED USERS JUMPS, 56 Million from 43 Million 
  • TRADING VOLUME ABOVE US$ 335 Billion in Quarter 1 

Of course, the Net Profits are just “huge”, and every analyst will add a disclaimer that folks we are in an asset class, I.E., digital asset class bull-run here. However, something significant and astonishing is the active users, verified users and the surreal amount of trading volume. 

The active users, Quarter versus Quarter (running), not year over year, is up more than 100%… and trading volume in Quarter 1 alone has surpassed all of 2020, and the Q1 alone is up 74% or more than 2020 – whole year! We mean, with all the noise, and the world on hold with the Pandemic, clearly Coinbase has been gobbling up the market and eating a food. WOW!

All in all, no wonder Goldman Sachs is now launching a digital asset desk and recently announced a Head of Digital Assets 😊 

The Markets:

  • Radio Jamaica Limited seems to be making some moves as of late. Not one over the years to be known to be a “mover and shaker” but it seems something has changed, or something is happening. 
  • There has been a recent media announcement of the articles approval or government approval (could be the latter before the former) that could then lead to other approvals, etc. to allow ownership to go up to 21%; prior this was limited to 10%. 
  • Does this mean Radio Jamaica Limited will become an associate stake of another company or a target? 
    • Or, just as we are seeing now, given that a larger stake can be purchased in Radio Jamaica, corporate actions will be happening more often at Radio Jamaica? Larger equity stakes typically lead to equity motivation…
  • There is a recent corporate action of the sale of Music 99 Jamaica Ltd to a St. Lucia entity called Caribbean Global Networks Inc. It is for a 100% sale. The release does not disclose what or who is Caribbean Global Networks, or the consideration currently for the transaction. 
  • We are sure in due course this will be released for shareholders and the JSE. 

All in all, it seems like Radio Jamaica is potentially on the move, and could be a company, and not just a stock to watch a bit closer in 2021. 

Be cautiously optimistic as there are some positives and pre-covid signs re-emerging with the recent Central Bank, BoJ announcement of the lifting of the freeze on dividends by banks. 

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