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The Markets keep rocking, despite inflation concerns, Covid-19 rollercoaster ride with almost daily changes/ announcements about the vaccine (good/bad), and the US 10-year Treasury rate bobbing and weaving high & low!

The Dow Jones (“DJIA”), hit a new all-time high this week, crushing 34,000 points on record financial results, particularly Goldman Sachs and more and more vaccines being executed. Even the Jamaica Stock Exchange (“JSE”) that has been sleepy since the Pandemic started and year to date has gotten in on the action. The Juniors have awakened with several of the Juniors and some of the Majors who have bene quite Covid resistant rebounding sharply over the past few weeks. Also, we are approaching Earnings Numbers… 30-45 days or so away, and its numbers time for this hotly expected JSE stocks, so there could be some cabin fever around the number expectations… 

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), the end all, be all in USA Finance, perhaps GLOBAL Finance, has amazing numbers once again, and investment banking unit “crushes” it… Goldman, has demonstrated time and time again, like Apple Inc, that it just makes money in every season and any economic cycle. Goldman the money machine. 

Every crisis of recent times, every potential downward slope, etc. Goldman has either hit record numbers or a number that surprises the street and lifts the U.S. markets. 

Market Moves: 

  1. Knutsford Express has much improved Q3, versus the previous running Quarters before this, that is its Q1 and its Q2. So, it is getting better. A bit reminiscent of what Main Event Entertainment Group has been doing as well. If the company can get to the point, where it is not burning significant “cash” during this Pandemic, then all should be well until these times pass. Based on Q3, and a small loss of J$ 1.6 Million, incredibly positive sign, and rebounding revenues in Q3 versus its Q2 – in Q3, Knutsford Express reported J$ 185 million in top line while in Q2 J$ 149.5 million in top line, while in Q1 J$ 121.7 million. Trend is your Friend! 

    This type of revenue quarter to quarter run rate is what you want to see in a recovery.  

    Knutsford Express has been doing some interesting things over the last few years. The Company has been adding  value added divisions & products, moving quite a bit of cargo, and expanded to the U.S. (the latter is not going as well  for them, as now shown in the footnotes of their unaudited numbers and the U.S. idea is eating up a lot of funding).  

    We have spoken about this before that the logistics/ courier sector is already and will continue to more than likely be  the play for this decade, and every decade has a “baby”. Therefore, Knutsford Express in quickly and dramatically  pivoting but let us say expanding into this field, and opening locations almost every quarterly MD&A or results is a  “winner.” We like this! 

    Knutsford Express already had the experience in this field, was getting the data, moving lots of cargo, and simply its  already in logistics.  

    No brainer. This is already helping them rebound and will be interesting to see how big of a contributor this will  become for the core business; it might become even bigger with their captive clients and potentially new clients  (courier and passenger). 

    We prefer this way more than the U.S. play and expansion that is eating up resources, time, and cash, but we are sure  Knutsford Express will give it some more time, and the Board will place a deadline on when the U.S. should generate  profit and no longer cash burn. They have never been known previously to produce losses at any level continuously…  
  2. PROVEN Investments has been a bit under the radar in recent times over the past 12-18 months as compared to some of its relative value peers or financial companions. It has not been spending blistering monies on marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, revitalizing its billboards, etc. during the pandemic or pre-pandemic. 

    Therefore, they have not been as top of mind as some of the other financial players but let us tell you something! 2  deals in no time or the past month!!! 

    March 18, 2021 – Class A Bank in Cayman… BOOYAH! 

    April 15, 2021 – Deal with Heritage Education Funds… BOOYAH!

    The market sometimes has a hard time understanding exactly what PROVEN does or is as well as the US$ JSE market  trading is just not as appealing for everyone…  

    So, do not sleep on them just because they might not be hyping up the marketing machinery or beating their chest a  lot, because the deal flow is clearly there, and they are executing quietly and aggressively!! 

Eventually though value comes to the top. Live by this in the markets and you will do well. 

Like the saying, “money, doesn’t always like noise – it may run it away.”  

Keep watching them and enjoy your weekend with a few more hours to be out and about! 

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Happy investing and Happy markets.

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