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Super Supreme: Supreme Ventures heading to J$ 50/ share?

The JSE market had a “blip” or pullback earlier this year around February 2022, but since then some selective equities are + 30% to + 50%. Stick with your gut and stick with the stocks posting above average growth, they always come back!
SVL was chilling for quite sometime around J$ 16 – J$ 18 range or so in harbour. It has since broken out to J$ 24 and you just get that feeling it is on the path to doubling…
Upon reviewing the lottery competitors, clearly, over the past 12 months it seems there really hasn’t been any damage or loss of market share to SVL but has actually helped SVL; additionally this latest product by SVL, Scratchaz, has not only been popular but has gone social media viral. Talk about a marketing, and brand win for SVL.
Given that SVL is dominating even more, the regional expansion continues, their new product development is winning and observing their track record, SVL doesn’t sleep on creating new value, the path is clearer upon review for a higher market cap for SVL in 2022.
Market Moves:

 Muskie, known as Elon Musk isn’t just at it but he is going for the “Full Monty” with Twitter, Inc (US: TWTR). Giving some Carl Icahn vibes with his recent announcements here, and play with TWTR. He purchased the 9.2% in the Company that sent the share price sailing higher and then to re-cap, was going to join the Board of Directors April 9th, 2022, but this didn’t happen in the end. To date, TWTR and Musk have essentially dominated the headlines daily since his 9.2% equity stake announcement. Thinking all was over and Muskie would be passive, well that just ain’t Muskie. A few days later, he launched a hostile takeover for TWTR, which now TWTR has countered with a poison pill.

Either way, if you are in TWTR you are benefiting from all of this and it seems it wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Don’t forget just 5 or so years ago, TWTR was a “dog”, no one wanted it and everyone bashed it. The share price languished at US$ 15 – US$ 17/ share.
If it’s a great platform, strong brand, doing things, and big tech (the continued way of the future), stick with it. TWTR came good eventually and should continue.

Knutsford Express Limited (JSE: KEX), is back as we predicated similar to what ItsMoneyMark saw in the tourism sector, the entertainment sector and now the transport/ logistics sector. “Buy in the bad times and not only in the good times. This is how you create value and make $$$ for you, over the long-term.” KEX has been one of those stories. Left alone, no hype or market craze KEX lagged during the Pandemic as a result, as it registered net losses. It showed signs of the turnaround coming a quarter or two ago, and “boom” here we go now. The pop is here, in the earnings. 
KEX is trading currently around J$ 8/ share. The Company just released 3rd quarter earnings, “the pop” with operating revenue at J$ 301 million and net profit at J$ 37 million (compared to a small net loss in the comparative Q3 2021). The buisness is still transport, logistics focused but without knowing all the details, we still feel the play they are making into courier logistics and packages will be interesting to watch and there is upside there for KEX.

 AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited (JSE: AMG), has found its “legs again” and they are off to the Olympics. AMG deserves this and they went through the motions for a long, long time. The earnings struggled, management decisions, board decisions etc. The reality is, it was expected and really weighed on the Company way more than the Market realized when the Founder, Visionary, and real driver of the business, passed Mr. Mark Chin, a true entrepreneurial legend. In hindsight the epitome of “Keyman risk” played out. It is now good to see the pieces of the puzzle, governance and a number of other factors come into play to get AMG back to its glory days and the foundation in place for it to continue.   

6 months net profit of J$ 53 million versus J$ 21.2 million for previous year, comparative period 2021. Top line for 6 months to February 28, 2022 hit J$ 486 million. It could be the year we see J$ 1 Billion in revenue for AMG.

Honey Bun (1982) Limited (JSE: HONBUN) keeps seeing major share volumes move continuously in 2022, YTD – year to date. We just saw a further 4 million share volume traded in early April 2022 by a Director. The Company’s top 10 list continues to change but mainly via Cal’s Manufacturing Company Limited entering the fray. It is normal to see some “company insiders” take some gains or reduce exposure when the share price/ market cap rallies like this in most companies. HONBUN is currently around J$ 9.60/ share and its 52-week high is J$ 12.12/ share. Per their latest earnings quarterly numbers, their products are doing well and the CEO, Mrs. Michelle Chong strongly highlights the “shorty bread products” and how well they have been by the market. At ItsMoneyMark we have tested them and let us tell you, “they seem to last longer, they are moorish, you definitely want to have more than 1 slice and whether toasted or just as is, it taste nice.” 
Overall, although sell-side volumes have been large, HONBUN share price has been close to 52-week high and don’t read into this one too much. Expect to see HONBUN nonetheless move higher. They continue to grow clearly.

 Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited (JSE: MJE) share price has been off to the races as of late and well deserved after having a rough 2020/2021 due to market conditions and unrealized losses, and so forth. 

Well, MJE is back with a vengeance! It’s 52-week low and high is, J$ 6.90 and J$ 12.60 and current market price is J$ 12.44/ share. Right now, MJE is much closer to its NAV – Net Asset value of J$ 13.60/ share as at March 31, 2022. What happened? Well Q1, SVL, primarily but it’s other smaller holdings performed very well and they added notably a position in JMMB Group to their portfolio in Q1. SVL and CPJ continue to dominate the portfolio overall, more than 51% of the value of holdings.
A few takeaways, (a) looking for Jamaica market exposure, MJE is one of the better options on the Market, actively managed, (b) even though the market price has almost caught up with the NAV – Net Asset value, it is trending up and should go higher (c) MJE is on a roll now and you are with active guys who wake up and think about making money for breakfast.

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