ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #76


Inspirational story by founder, entrepreneur, President & CEO, Mr. Ricardo Allen, and it could just be the beginning. Listed yesterday, September 1, 2022, and as expected “circuit breaker time immediately”. One on One Educational Services Limited (JSE: ONE), great ticker symbol by the way, closed + 30% or so, at J$ 1.31/ share… 

Expect another big day, which is “circuit break heaven” from ONE today!


Notable financial executive, Mr. Brian Frazer, and well known for his experience at Scotia and overseeing the management of assets of over US$ 1.9 billion, is now at VM Investments Limited (JSE: VMIL). ItsMoneyMark has said it before in our newsletters, VM Group just keeps powering it up, and this is another example. He joins VMIL in the capacity as Deputy CEO, and will be working closely with VMIL’s CEO, Mr. Rezworth Burchenson. 

VMIL’s states in the release to the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange, that this is in line and fits, VMIL’s (a) robust strategic plan and (b) bold business targets. 

Now, this is the type of “lingo, language” that we like…


  • Bitcoin (BTC-USD) faded again below US$ 20,000 this past week, before bouncing back above US$ 20,000… By the numbers, Bitcoin’s 52-week low is 17,708.62 and 52-week high, a far way away is US$ 68,789.62. 

Bitcoin over the past few trading days and week, has been trading like the Dow Jones and has gotten beaten up as well based on the Fed Chair, Powell’s commentary on the U.S. Economy, and to expect continued “pain,” plus the outlook on interest rates. The similarity between where both the Dow Jones and BTC sit within striking distance, ~ 10% of their 52-week low is interesting… 

  • Ciboney Group Limited (JSE: CBNY) has released their much-anticipated annual report for 2022, and it contains, as expected, and much market needed MD&A – management, discussion & analysis. By the numbers, as the audited results are presented, CBNY reported a loss of J$ 4.6 million for its year ended May 31, 2022, with shareholder’s net deficit increasing to close the year at negative, J$ 6.9 million. 

Big takeaways from the annual report were, as outlined in the MD&A by the chairman & a director:

  1. “the decision was taken to keep the company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, as many investors had expressed interest in acquiring the majority shareholding but to no avail. We understand from the majority shareholder that its latest attempt to dispose of these shares was aborted as the prospective purchaser withdrew its bid to acquire the shares after final approval had been obtained for the sale.”
  2. “we understand that efforts have intensified to identify an investor to acquire these shares and we will provide further updates on these developments in due course.”

Seeing the recent success that MFS Capital Partners has immediately had with SSL Ventures, Ciboney Group Limited may well find an opportunistic buyer in these markets after all… 

  • The Apple, Inc, (US: AAPL) big show returns on September 7, 2022, and as it always has been, the market and buzz has already commenced! Making waves, and headlines. 

The event will be held at Apple’s headquarters in California! The expectation is four (4) new iPhone models (wow!) and an updated Apple watch… Apple has done this every September since 2012, and the “trend that is your friend” continues in just a few more days. 

Apple’s market cap is presently on or around US$ 2.5 / 2.6 trillion, and it could post this event, easily get back to and surpass US$ 3 trillion mark. At US$ 160 and change or just below, per share, AAPL is higher than a lot of the current tech plays, and only ~12% below its 52-week high, as AAPL continues to perform and lives up to its hype. The September 7, 2022, event should be another banger… 

  • Massy Holdings Ltd (JSE: MASSY), appoints a senior officer, in the capacity of Interim Group Financial Officer, effective October 1, 2022, coming up… Mr. Vaughn Martin will be jumping into the hot seat. 

We continue to say at ItsMoneyMark it is not easy to execute, manage, oversee these cross listings or dual listings. In hindsight, MASSY has not performed great since it listed on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange and its growth rate has been, not really satisfying, at average at best. We re-iterate it is just not easy, and we are not feeling MASSY’s brand or presence or the face of the company in Jamaica, from an investor relations standpoint… One of the unique things with our market, the JSE, it likes to connect with the face of the company, and we opine at ItsMoneyMark that there is a connection between this and a company’s market cap as well. 

The earnings as we always say of course, will outshine everything if the earnings growth rate is above average and consistent, but during slow periods, or even in the best times, there is a correlation between a JSE company, pro-active investor communication, active PR or investor relations, an active CEO, and that respective company market cap. 

  • Wisynco Group Limited (JSE: WISYNCO) is on fire, is an understatement. This year-end, these audited financial statements may well have earned them the title as “best of breed” in the foodie space in Jamaica now. Oh Yeah!

At ItsMoneyMark we wrote in a recent newsletter, that with the abundance of “foodie plays on the JSE,” we just felt that it boiled down to (a) Wisynco and (b) Seprod… Well, these numbers, annual growth rate Wisynco just reported, confirms this, and says it all. Huge!

The Top line and the net profit growth by WISYNCO, they delivered for the year end, June 30, 2022. WISYNCO, rang the register by delivering: 

  • Revenue of J$ 39.04 billion versus J$ 31.8 billion, year over year, an increase of 23%
  • Net profit surged to J$ 4.05 billion versus J$ 3.07 billion, year over year, an increase of 32%
  • Earnings per share cruised in nicely at J$ 1.08 versus J$ 0.82, year over year 

WISYNCO at J$ 17 bucks & change, with a just reported growth rate of 32% that could expand in the coming year, seems like “winner, winner chicken dinner”. 

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