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On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Access Financial Services Limited sees another Executive Management resignation. Senior Manager Ms. Keisha Smith, Manager – Human Resources & Training resigns effective April 7, 2023. Stationery & Office Supplies Ltd had a colossal 2022 year. Revenue hit J$ 1.74 billion, improving from J$ 1.12 billion, + 55%. SOS’s net profit more than doubled to J$ 256 million, with EPS for 2022 of J$ 1.03. Healthy, healthy numbers for SOS. PanJam Investment had a lower 2022 based on “investments income” falling off or a negative swing of J$ 2.8 billion. Earnings per share was J$ 4.46 versus J$ 6.78, year over year. Big takeaway was PanJam sold its 33.33% stake in New Castle Company resulting in a gain of J$ 1.4 billion. Main Event Entertainment Group continues to power up, not just their earnings but also their corporate governance, their board of directors. Mr. Gladstone Lewars was appointed a Director of MEEG effective February 28, 2023. GraceKennedy has a lot going on, hits up the JSE, with news on their share buy back, their financial results, Catherine’s Peak larger stake, dividend, AGM notice, & more!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 82

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Seprod Ltd showed us how it is done by crushing their 4th Quarter and year end numbers. The importance of growth via acquisition. A.S. Bryden deal really coming into the fold here. Full year 2022, J$ 79.6 billion in revenue, J$ 3.8 billion of net profit and J$ 5.23/ share of EPS. Dolla Financial Services with a dividend, a good one. J$ 2 cents per share for ordinary shareholders and it’s going to be paid on April 6, 2023. At 2.5 Billion outstanding issued shares that’s J$ 50 Million. Nothing like some “holiday money”, that’s some Easter Money right there if you’re on the Dolla register. GraceKennedy on the move, powers up further with increasing its stake in Catherine’s Peak from 35% to 70%. GK had acquired 35% back in 2018. Productive Business Solutions with the Material Disclosure to the market and one that counts, “moves the needle”. PBS has approved the acquisition of 100% of the ordinary shares of Infotrans Group Holding B.V. to grow its integrated regional platform. It will expand PBS’s footprint to 21 countries and the business combined to deliver revenues in excess of US$ 330 million annually.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 81

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, we continue to soar into the JSE, Jamaica Stock Exchange hot n’ heavy. General Accident Insurance continues to make solid, & bold moves in the region, by increasing their stake in General Accident Insurance T&T to 75%. Additionally, GENAC reported its 4th quarter numbers and Year End December 2022. Profitability doubled year over year, for 2022, with net profit hitting J$ 588 million versus J$ 149 million. Earnings per share of J$ 52 cents. Tropical Battery Company continued to be in a growth mood and their “corporate insiders” are showing strength. A Senior Officer purchased 196,000 TROPICAL shares on February 15, 2023. TROPICAL has also advised that it plans to enter the Dom Rep via a M&A deal of acquiring 50% in Kaya Energy Group. Honey Bun (1982) Limited continues its “growth in earnings in form” with another bumper quarter. The “Shorty Breads” bakery delivered a 50% improvement in earnings for its 1st Quarter with Earnings per Share of J$ 15 cents versus J$ 10 cents, year over year. Net profit of J$ 69.2 million delivered on revenue of J$ 817.4 million. Cash & cash equivalents of almost J$ 358 million & investments takes this even higher. First Rock Real Estate Investments Limited has announced a new development, aptly named, “Bonne Chance”. It is slated to be a 9-storey development that will include 43 luxury studios, 2-bedroom apartments & penthouses.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 80

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Well, the earnings reports are coming in “hot & heavy”, and we are here for it, at ItsMoneyMark. Let’s Go! Indies Pharma Jamaica comes out with their Year End 2022 numbers for October 31, 2022. Much better profitability numbers by INDIES, given its net profit % growth delivered here based on the current P/E number. Revenue was J$ 937 million versus J$ 846.8 million, and Earnings per Share was J$ 17 cents versus J$ 13 cents, + 31%. Net profit of J$ 220.7 million. Jamaica Broilers Group, keeps seeing “corporate insider buying” more and more, a positive sign, and in support of its continued record earnings run, as of late. Not only year over year, but on a running quarterly basis, JBG has just been outdoing itself. JBG is closer to its 52-week high trading around J$ 32.21 with its market cap around J$38.7 billion. On February 9, 2023, a connected party purchased 249,366 JBG shares. Lasco Manufacturing Limited posted their Q3 results, and let us tell you, those cash & short-term investments just keep building at LASM. As of December 31, 2022, the figure hit a whopping J$ 3.3 billion. LASM reported earnings growth of 20% with Earnings per share hitting J$ 20 cents or Net Profit of J$ 487.5 million. We close it off with leading micro-credit firm, Access Financial Services, with their latest financial report, their 3rd Quarter numbers, loans & advances surging to almost J$ 5 billion. For the quarter, net profit improved mildly to J$ 92.9 million versus J$ 85.1million, year over year.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 79

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, FosRich Company Limited partners with another micro-credit firm, for its solar power systems and solar water heaters objectives. FosRich and Access Financial partner to offer up to 100% financing. FosRich kicking off 2023 with a bang. Cargo Handlers Limited has a dividend consideration coming up, and the stock tends to be a generous one with dividends for its shareholders. It is a difficult stock to get your hands on, given that it is tightly held. Board of Directors meeting scheduled for February 20, 2023. NCB Financial Group released a surprisingly disappointing quarter, that was way more to the downside than expected. NCB FG reported Earnings per Share of J$ 36 cents for the quarter ended December 31, 2022, versus Earnings per Share of J$ 1.15 year over year. Results were hit by, increase in Staff Costs & Net Insurance Benefits & Claims. iCreate Limited, continues to shape its way into iCreate Group. The Company recently announced another deal, as it continues to consolidate, and gobble up market share in the creative, & entertainment industry. It has acquired Ideas Execution Limited, the branding & trade marketing company. First Rock Group has acquired the majority interest in Century 21 Heave Ho Properties Limited. It has acquired the interest via a separate entity named, FR Century Holdings Limited. Talk about synergies to come in the real estate market.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 78

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, EduFocal Limited is on the move and is committed to expanding in the Caribbean region. EduFocal has recently announced that their CEO and CTO, Gordon Swaby and Paul Allen, will be part of a delegation visiting Guyana from January 23rd to January 28th, 2023. Image Plus Consultants Ltd with its IPO basis of allotment to the JSE. The most important pool, the general public pool reported as follows, over-subscribed and you will receive your 1st 10,000 shares and 35.68% of the balance of the amount applied for. First Rock Real Estate Investments Limited, announces another deal in Cayman. Through its subsidiary company First Rock Capital Cayman Limited, has recently acquired an interest in the Kailani (Hilton) Cayman, a luxury boutique hotel, from the NCB Group Cayman for US$1,350,000. Knutsford Express Services continues to roll, huge 2nd Quarter by KEX. Revenue of J$ 397.9 million versus J$ 240.6 million, and Net profit of J$ 58.8 million versus Net loss of J$ 821k. EPS for the quarter was J$ 12 cents. Mayberry Bond IPO closed tranche by tranche, tranche I-IV and is fully closed now! The Fundraise was upsized nicely from J$ 5 billion mark!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 77

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica Company Limited, better known as Purity has advised of a large trading in shares advisory to the JSE, Jamaica Stock Exchange. A related party sold, 10.931 million shares of Purity during the period November 24, 2021 to February 7, 2022. An additional advisory of a Director of Purity purchased 2.811 million Purity shares on January 11, 2023. Honey Bun (1982) Limited declares a nice dividend, J$ 12 cents per share, and it will be payable on February 17, 2023. HONBUN one of the most profitable and highest profitability ratio companies on the JSE Market continues to our it on in 2023. HONBUN has been trading around J$ 7/ share with a market cap of around J$ 3.3 billion. VMIL advises of a management change at VM Wealth Management. VM continues to be on the move and on a positive trajectory. They have announced the appointment of Christine Benjamin as Head of Sales and Client Relations. Benjamin will work closely with Brian Frazer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, in providing oversight of VM Wealth’s Sales and Client Relations operations. Guardian Holdings Limited hereby advises that by a resolution of the Board of Directors on 17th January, 2023, Mr. Dominic Rampersad was appointed a Director of GHL with effect from 20th January, 2023. Express Catering Limited released their 6 months results for November 2022, and their numbers continue to head in the right direction. Revenue hit US$ 9.1 million versus US$ 6.1 million. Net Profit hit US$ 779k versus US$ 244k.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 76

Welcome to 2023 by ItsMoneyMark. We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, holiday season, and you’re ready for a Big 2023! On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Limners & Bards Limited, known as The Lab, declares a dividend. It’s a nice one, as a 2 in 1 special by The Lab. Ordinary dividend and a Special dividend. Final dividend of J$ 0.0065/ share and a special dividend of J$ 0.0304/ share. Payments to be made January 31, 2023. Victoria Mutual Investments takes an associate stake in KPREIT. Bigly! By increasing their stake in KPREIT, they now own 23% of KPREIT. Bottom line, means VMIL will report a share of profit moving forward from KPREIT. This increase saw VMIL acquiring a further 135.48 million shares for a combined consideration of J$ 1.05 billion. Palace Amusement Company (1921) making moves with their approved increase in share capital and stock split. It’s a large one and endeavour, with it being 600 to 1. Takes effect February close of business February 28, 2023. The Jamaica Stock Exchange, seeing some stronger trading in their shares. A Director purchased 79,099 shares of the JSE between December 28 – December 30, 2022. Image Plus Consultants Limited IPO, “sells off”, closes fast as expected. Early closure, the IPO closed on December 30, 2022 at 4pm, after opening on December 28, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 75

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Salada Foods Jamaica had another terrific year-end, with earnings improving by 13.3% to J$ 17 cents per share, from J$ 15 cents, year over year. Salada’s Net Profit for the year-end was J$ 175.4 million on revenue of J$ 1.33 billion. Salada’s shareholder’s equity closed the year at J$ 1.05 billion. Supreme Ventures Limited “company insiders” buying continues which is an awesome sign if you are a minority shareholder or on the sidelines looking at SVL. Between December 9 – 15, 2022, a related entity purchased 500,000 SVL shares. Tropical Battery firing on all cylinders with earnings more than doubling and dividend growth increasing by TROPICAL. The company reported revenue of J$ 2.62 billion versus J$ 1.99 billion, + 32%, with Net Profit of J$ 197 million, way higher than the J$ 88 million in the previous year. Earnings per share for the year ended September 30, 2022 was J$ 15.2 cents. TROPICAL declared a dividend of J$ 4 cents per share. Payment to be made on January 30, 2023, for the new year. Scotia Group Jamaica recently with executive appointments, significant growth in earnings and their loan book, and now more powering up with 3 new Director Appointments. Joining the Board effective December 14, 2022 are, Mrs. Aileen Corrigan, Mr. Vernon Douglas and Dr. William Smith.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 74

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited with the Monster Quarter, their 2nd Quarter delivers earnings on another level as a Main Market Company. Net profit of J$ 842.4 million versus J$ 596 million, year over year. This includes a loss from discontinued operations of J$ 1.042 billion, Wow. This makes the Quarter even more incredible for JBG shareholders. EPS for the Quarter of J$ 99 cents versus J$ 59 cents with revenue hitting J$ 22.9 billion. tTech Limited with the Management changes. Technical Services Manager, Mr. Damani Brown resigned effective November 30, 2022, and the appointment of Mrs. Marsha Bucknor to the role of Sales & Marketing Manager effective December 1, 2022. tTech’s market cap remains around J$ 335 million. Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, appoints new Director to the Company, effective December 7, 2022, Mr. Ian Haynes. Supreme Ventures Limited, sees even more action on the “buy side” with their shares per JSE corporate actions. Related entity purchased a total of 300,000 shares of SVL between December 2 – 8, 2022.Indies Pharma Jamaica Limited, despite a softer 4th Quarter, has a rallying and strong year-end. For the 12 months October 31, 2022, INDIES registered revenue of J$ 937.2 million versus J$ 846.8 million. INDIES net profit was J$ 225.8 million with EPS of J$ 17 cents. INDIES year-end earnings rallied 31%.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 73

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Jetcon Corporation, one of Jamaica’s largest used car dealers, sees a Director selling 850,000 JETCON shares on November 28, 2022. Seprod Limited, declares a dividend of J$ 50 cents per share, to be paid on December 21, 2022, great timing, right before Christmas. Honey Bun (1982) Limited registered a 38% increase in revenue for its year ended September 30, 2022, as operating revenue hit J$ 2.95 billion, improving from J$ 2.14 billion, year over year. Net profit for the recent year end, was slightly lower at J$ 203.4 million, with associated EPS – earnings per share, at J$ 43 cents. Dolla Financial receives approval from the Bank of Jamaica (“BoJ”), to operate as a Microcredit institution. NCB Financial Group, publishes audited financial statements, huge takeaways, continuing improving performance of GHL – Guardian Holdings Limited and at the end of the year, Net Profit results of J$ 39.9 billion and EPS – earnings per share of J$ 11.89!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 72

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Regency Petroleum Limited IPO, Initial Public Offer closes fast as expected, energy, energy sector gets “hotter” in Jamaica, it’s buzzy. The IPO closed on Friday, November 25, 2022. Mayberry Investments heading to the Market for a Bond Raise, it’s a good look. The prospectus is issued, and the size is J$ 5 billion, with an upsize option to J$ 7 billion. Tenors range from 13 months to 36 months and interest rates 9.25% to 12.00%. Four (4) tranches of bonds. Jamaica Producers Group doing deal after deal, first it was with PanJam, and now it’s with Eppley. JP & Eppley form Capital Infrastructure Group, CIG. They will be equal partners in CIG and invest in infrastructure projects across the Caribbean. GraceKennedy issues stock grants as compensation for 2022 to Non-Executive Directors. Six (6) Non-Executive Directors received a combined total of 42,738 GK shares… Online sales broke their record for Black Friday, eclipsing US$ 9 billion, with Walmart having a huge day, as electronics, toys, and exercise equipment led the way.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 71

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited, hit J$ 995 million in revenue and net profit of J$ 104.9 million for its year ended August 31, 2022. Total equity ended the period at J$ 1.18 billion. Supreme Ventures Limited appoints new Group CFO – Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Nadani Chung, effective January 1, 2023. Ms. Chung comes with 27 years of executive management experience in retail, trading and hospitality organizations. Palace Amusement Company (1921) Limited, revenue continues to rebound nicely but the “cash burn” continues. Top line for the 3 months ended September 30, 2022 was J$ 249.7 million, 3 times or more the year over year comparable quarter. However the net loss was J$ 53.9 million, with accumulated deficit at J$ 467 million and long-term liabilities at J$ 917.5 million. Seprod Limited, sees the financial benefits of A.S. Bryden & Sons Holdings Limited shining through in Q3 2022. Seprod posted revenue of J$ 23.6 billion versus J$ 11.3 billion, year over year, and hit net profit and EPS for the quarter of, J$ 1.05 billion and J$ 1.05 respectively. Bank of Jamaica, Central Bank raised the policy rate to 7.00% on November 18, 2022, effective November 21, 2022. Next decision date, December 20, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 70

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Fontana Limited, better known as Fontana Pharmacy, rocks its 1st Quarter, with Earnings surging 40%. Earnings per share of J$ 7 cents and Net Profit of J$ 87.5 million. Just as impressive, FTNA maintains at the end of Q1, cash of J$ 1.34 billion. Eppley Limited, hits total assets of J$ 5.51 billion, as at September 30, 2022. Well positioned with cash & deposits of J$ 904 million. Q3 Earnings per Share of J$ 40 cents, with YTD, 9 months of J$ 97 cents. Barita Investments presses more on the gas, and we love it, with Senior Management appointments, VP, Legal Counsel, Ms. Stephanie Sterling, and VP, Marketing, Mrs. Dianne Clunie-Wallace effective October 1, 2022. NCB Financial Group declares no dividend at the Board of Directors meeting held on November 10, 2022. NCB FG stock price continues to trade between J$ 80 – J$ 85… FosRich Company, Big Money Time, formally announces a new Superstore, and the applicable financing partner, GK Pension Fund, estimates the deal/ cost to be J$ 1.8 billion.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 69

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, TransJamaican Highway continues to bolster its earnings stronger & stronger. Big Q3 for TJH. Revenue of US$ 16.7 million versus US$ 13.08 million and net profit of US$ 2.1 million versus US$ 516k. TJH’s total equity closed the quarter at US$ 51.2 million. Dolla Financial Services, great sign to see, confidence and as we say, skin in the game, Directors & Senior Managers buying up shares in the Company. They purchased 3.42 million shares over the period October 28 – November 1, 2022. Lasco Manufacturing, firing on all cylinders registers another blazing quarter. 2nd quarter ended September 30, 2022, earnings + 22%. LASM hit net profit of J$ 468.7 million, or EPS of J$ 11 cents on revenue of J$ 2.86 billion. U.S. The Federal Reserve raised rates for another time, as expected, by 0.75% or 75 basis points to a new target range of 3.75% – 4.00% sending markets, Dow Jones, Nasdaq lower to end last week. Stripe to lay off approximately 14% of its team members. Reduce headcount to 7,000 employees. Rising operating costs, inflation, higher interest rates, concerns of impending U.S. recession.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 68

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Wheat soars by more than 5.8% on the continuing saga of Russia – Ukraine, with Russia withdrawing from the Black Sea export grain deal. Per bushel, wheat hit as high as US$ 8.90s price region. Other commodities, corn, soybeans, are higher as well. Muskie closes Twitter deal, its share price back at US$ 53 price level, within striking distance of its 52-week high of US$ 55, and will practically blow through this. Meta Platforms, Inc, Facebook, and many more products, platforms, gets intriguing below US$ 100 per share, as big tech gets rattled, hammered from a market cap perspective over the last week. Price to earnings for Meta, below 10x, although this is historical, and the latest quarter saw earnings plunge 40% +. Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, discloses the impairment to the Market for the Haiti decision, it will be J$ 900 million. Not bad considering everything, and given JBG’s latest quarterly and annual profits, JBG will be fine from an earnings outlook standpoint from where we sit. Scotia Group Jamaica, makes not one, but two Executive appointments. We like it, and it comes across well. Maia Wilson to the post of VP, Senior Legal Counsel & Corporate Secretary and Gabrielle O’Connor to the role of VP, Finance & CFO.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 67

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Supreme Ventures Limited, crushes their quarterly earnings numbers once again, for Q3 2022, with a net profit of J$ 426 million, versus J$ 312.3 million, year over year. SVL’s earnings per share for the quarter was J$ 15.8 cents, an increase of 34% for the quarter, year over year. SVL’s total gaming income hit J$ 12 billion for the 3rd quarter… Purity’s annual general meeting, AGM, now scheduled for November 9, 2022 and will be held at their head office on Valentine Drive, beside Price Smart. This is for the 2021 Purity Annual Report… Mayberry Jamaican Equities reported another strong quarter, but it’s always helpful to review its market price performance. MJE has actually more than doubled from its 52-week low of J$ 6.90/ share and trades currently on or around J$ 14/ share. At current levels, MJE trades about 10% below its Net Asset Value… Dolla Financial launches a new subsidiary, “Ultra Financier Limited”. It will provide asset based lending to HNW individuals… Another senior management resignation at Access Financial Services, Mr. Frederick Williams resigns as CEO effective December 9, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 66

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Carreras Limited, with another Senior Management change. Advisory that Mr. Dwaine Williams, Marketing Deployment Manager, will be transitioning to a new role in the BAT Group, effective October 31, 2022. Caribbean Cream Limited, KREMI, grew 2nd Quarter revenue by 33%, hitting J$ 645.4 million. KREMI’s net profit was more or less flat for the quarter at J$ 7.1 million or EPS of J$ 2 cents. Margaritaville Turks Ltd, gets back to business with its 1st Quarter. Back to Pre-Covid levels and some. Revenue of US$ 1.42 million versus only US$ 543 year over year. Huge swing in net profit, hitting US$ 94k versus a loss of US$ 282k. What a quarter from Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Limited, huge number on all counts. PTL hit revenue of J$ 595 million alone for the quarter, + 61%. PTL’s net profit was J$ 83.9 million, or EPS of J$ 5.4 cents. Knutsford Express Services continued the trend of these few, latest earnings reports. KEX crushed their Q1 as well with revenue surging to J$ 415 million from J$ 232.5 million. KEX’s net profit for the quarter hit J$ 84.2 million, more than 5x, the comparative quarter, year over year.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 65

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Supreme Ventures Limited, reports further trading in their shares, one of the most active, “company insider” stocks traded on the Market. Director purchased 319,425 shares of SVL on October 3, 2022. Massy Holdings Ltd, continues to execute changes as evidenced by their corporate actions to the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange. Here goes MASSY with another one. Eventually, MASSY and the Market should see some gains from these moves. Mr. David O’Brien was appointed Executive Vice President, Global Expansion, effective October 1, 2022. Eppley Caribbean Property Fund Limited, executed further share buy backs. They continue to gobble up shares on the supply side, per their strategy disclosed in their prospectus and annual report. 143,128 shares of CPFV purchased between September 28 – 30, 2022. First Rock Real Estate Investments continues its share buy back program as well. 300,000 FIRSTROCKUSD and 100,000 FIRSTROCKJMD shares bought on September 28, 2022. The price for FIRSTROCKUSD shares bought was, US$ 0.0593 to US$ 0.069 per share. U.S. unemployment rate falls to 3.5% in September 2022, beating forecast. Nonfarm payrolls increased 263,000 for the month.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 64

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Tropical Battery Company Limited, major company insider purchase, talks about, “confidence here” in TROPICAL. Connected party purchased 7.69 million shares on September 20, 2022. Seprod Limited, doing something major in the Markets, with an investor briefing coming up this week, we love it, investor relations, corporate governance, by Seprod. Will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 4pm. Barita Investments Limited, declares interim dividend of J$ 2.48/ share. Huge! Great cash flow for minority shareholders. Represents 79% of Barita’s 9 months earnings and will be paid on November 18, 2022. Sagicor Group Jamaica keeps it very active in the markets with a number of significant corporate action announcements. Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited, announced on September 30, 2022, that they completed the sale of its shares in Sagicor Real Estate X Fund, SREF. Therefore, all of its shareholdings in SREF have been disposed of. Additionally, at Sagicor Real Estate X Fund, Directors Mr. Christopher Zacca and Mr. Dodridge Miller have resigned as Directors effective September 30, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 63

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Mayberry Investments, continues to see strong buying into their shares from connected parties, directors, managers and company insiders. Connected party purchased a total of 194,536 shares on September 27, 2022. RJRGLEANER announces changes in Management to deepen integration and accelerate digital transformation. The changes are mainly at the C-Level of the Group. These include the appointment of 2 Deputy CEOs, a Chief People Officer and change in title from COO to Chief Strategy Officer. It furthers the Company’s goal towards being a digitally driven media and communications enterprise. Elite Diagnostic Limited, financial rebound seems complete, and they are now firing on all earnings cylinders. ELITE reported year ended numbers for the period ended June 30, 2022. Revenue of J$ 624 million versus J$ 506.9 million year over year. Net profit of J$ 48.6 million or EPS of J$ 14 cents for June 30, 2022. Jamaica Stock Exchange, announces their Appointment of Chairman and Deputy Chairman. This was done at the JSE’s recently concluded Board Meeting, September 29, 2022. Mr. Julian Mair re-elected as Chair and Mr. Steven Whittingham elected as Deputy Chair. Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, discontinued operations in Haiti due to business in the jurisdiction having become unviable. 

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 62

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Supreme Ventures Limited keeps their corporate actions coming out by the flurry. Clearly, they are getting their subsidiary names, brands all aligned with their marquee brand, SVL. Here’s another one. The Group’s principal operating subsidiary Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited, will now be called Supreme Ventures Gaming Limited. Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited, isn’t playing around and clearly they want that # 1 spot! They announce some serious HR, or organizational structure changes here. Well known Mr. Mark Chisholm now becomes Chief Revenue Officer, Insurance. Given the importance of digitization, new role of Senior VP, Group Technology & Sagicor Life Operations will be filled by Mr. Howard Gordon. Main Event Entertainment Group booms in its 3rd quarter Earnings. MEEG is back in a big way! Revenue of J$ 601.5 million, Net Profit of J$ 123.7 million and EPS of J$ 41 cents. Knutsford Express Services gets back to a profitable year end, with customers, business returning. KEX registered J$ 1.11 billion in Revenue, Net Profit of J$ 77.8 million and EPS of J$ 16 cents. The U.S. big name investors, or company CEOs, keep putting out the “red flags” regarding the U.S. recession talk. Fedex CEO now believes a global recession is coming, after Fedex misses revenue and earnings estimates.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 61

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Seprod declares a dividend of J$ 50 cents per share, it’s a good one, to be paid October 12, 2022. Seprod’s share price has been trading recently around J$ 69 – J$ 70 per share. Key Insurance Company Limited, keeps making moves and here we go again. Big money time. KEY appoints directors, Nichole Case & Ashley-Ann Foster Horne to the board effective September 9, 2022. Notably, KEY celebrates its 40th anniversary in October of this year. Carreras with the breaking biz news, Mr Raoul Glynn will resign as MD effective September 30, 2022 to take up a new role within BAT Group. Mr Franklin Murillo will become the new MD, effective October 1, 2022, Indies Pharma Jamaica Limited, back in the good books with this quarter, Q3 revenue + 28% to J$ 264.7 MM and Q3 net profit surged + 71% to J$ 72.7 MM. BYD, the electric vehicle carmaker, continues its amazing run, with selling 487,000 passenger EV cars for the 1st 8 months of 2022, more than 3x the number comparative to 2021. Caribbean Producers (Jamaica), CEO resigns, Mr Todd Stromme, effective September 5, 2022. He was appointed June 1, 2022. Mr Mark Hart takes over at the helm at CPJ, back at it again.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 60

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited gets some buying coming back into the stock, shares here, a good sign, “some skin in the game as we say”. Senior Manager purchased 591,177 JBG shares on July 29, 2022. Supreme Ventures Limited, the gaming & entertainment giant, or better said behemoth. As we have said before and we say again, SVL is like a “hedge fund” and we like it, they just keep making those corporate actions and “big moves” monthly. Here we go again, SVL, Mobile Gaming Platform, gets GLI certified. That is by Gaming Laboratories International. Access Financial Services with a notable Senior Management change. Ms. Deveta McLaren, Manager, Sales & Marketing, resigns from Access Financial, long-time team member at Access Financial, effective September 30, 2022. Mayberry Investments Limited, sizable trading in their shares, Booyah, about 6.54 million shares on the “buy side” for “MIL”, on August 30, 2022. Victoria Mutual Group, VM Group powers up again, you must be kidding us? Wow. Well, Victoria Mutual Investments & Victoria Mutual Wealth Management have announced, Mr. Brian Frazer has joined their team. He joined both companies in the capacity of Deputy CEO, effective September 1, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 59

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, The Jamaica Stock Exchange (“JSE”) has launched the Caribbean Business Exchange Cable Channel and the launch was a resounding success. The Channel is on Flow & Digicel and well supported by key sponsors and notable guests already in its early stage development. Well needed and think CNBC. Caribbean Cement Company Limited really got “investor relations” cooking and for the better late last week with the ground-breaking ceremony for the 30% increase of production capacity at their facility in Jamaica. Additionally the CEMEX S.A. Group CEO was in Jamaica at the event and the unveiling of the spectacular Mural that you can see when driving by Carib Cement. Jamaican Teas Limited continues to have quite a bit of “insider sales” in its shares, not something we are fond of. By Directors & Connected Parties, like the sale of 700k JAMT on February 18, 2022. SSL Ventures is no longer and now fully re-branded MFS Capital Partners. The renaming ceremony held late last week at the JSE with MFS Capital Partners officially renaming, rebranding SSL Ventures at the JSE is now complete. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 3% on Friday. Wow. Based on the FED Chair, Powell comments on the Economy and interest rates.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 58

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Future Energy Source Company Limited, FESCO, advisory of trading in shares, that a Director sold 976,035 shares on August 17, 2022. FESCO’s price to earnings ratio tumbled based on recent quarterly earnings numbers. One on One Educational Services Limited, successfully closed their IPO, Initial Public Offering on August 12, 2022. Issue of 380 million ordinary shares. General public pool received their 1st 5,000 units plus a pro-rata allocation of approximately 2.23% of the balance in excess of 5,000 units. Berger Paints Jamaica, doubles 6 months profits for period ended June 30, 2022, to J$ 21.3 million versus J$ 10 million. Revenue growth was + 10% to J$ 1.39 billion. NCB Financial Group, advises on a transaction by National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited. Its intention is to raise up to US$ 300 million, by way of the securitization of its Credit Card Merchant Voucher Receivables. The transaction is expected to close by September 30, 2022. Vote for the scheme of arrangement for the restructuring of VM Group garners strong Member support. Vote results, 216,223 “For” and only 11 “Against”. Wow. Will result in “VM Group Limited” and “VM Financial Group Limited.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 57

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, PanJam Investment Limited, reports 92% lower quarter due to huge negative swing in “investments income”. Earnings per share fell to J$ 10 cents versus J$ 1.24 year over year for Q2 2022, due to investments income hitting negative J$ 280.5 million versus J$ 868.9 million in the previous year. FESCO with the huge quarter and we will get to that, but a dividend also. FESCO declares a dividend of J$ 1.6 cents payable October 28, 2022. Mailpac Group had another slowish quarter. At ItsMoneyMark we really want to see them do a deal or gobble up some market share. Hey it might just be us. Numbers are in, Net Profit fell 15% for Q2 2022, to J$ 81.3 million versus J$ 95 million. Revenues were also lower, at J$ 408.2 million versus J$ 426 million. EFRESH delivers this quarter, well needed and overdue but it seems to be here. EFRESH distributor of “Delight, Dannon, Wisconsin’s Finest” steps up. Revenue almost doubled hitting J$ 731 million, from J$ 389 million year over year for Q2 2022. Net profit improved to J$ 30.3 million from J$ 3.6 million. Peloton’s market cap hits US$ 4.5 billion, it will be slashing approximately 780 jobs, closing some stores and increasing equipment prices to get to a profit.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 56

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, FosRich Company Limited, profits flew higher for the 2nd quarter, +87%, hitting J$ 28 cents per share or net profit of J$ 139 million. Top line hit J$ 898.7 million, +65%, and FosRich announced a new subsidiary in the quarter, “O’N’S’ Mini Mart & Electrical Supplies Limited… JFP Limited advised of a Director resignation. Julie Thompson-James has resigned from the Board of Directors effective August 5, 2022… Caribbean Cream Limited, better known as KREMI, even though revenues flew past the J$ 2 billion mark, the Board of Directors met on August 4, 2022 and decided on “no dividends”… Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances Limited, CFF had fair results, top line growth evident, however profits were flat. CFF’s revenue hit J$ 185.6 million versus J$ 167.5 million for the 2nd quarter. CFF’s net profit was flat at J$ 24 million or EPS of J$ 3 cents… After Elon Musk stated earlier this year he wouldn’t be selling any more Tesla shares, well, per SEC public filings a few days ago, Muskie is back on the move. Reports state, Musk sold 7.92 million shares, equating to US$ 6.88 billion. Hey, he still has the legal battle and maybe the Twitter deal, US$ 44 billion, or he could start X.com, let’s see.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 55

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Sagicor Real Estate X Fund Limited (JSE: XFUND) with some more changes, Board changes in this case. Given Mr. Christopher Zacca’s resignation as Board Chairman, Mr. Vinay Walia was appointed Chairman effective August 1, 2022. Additionally, Mr. Cartlon Barclay has been appointed a Director effective August 1, 2022. GraceKennedy Limited (JSE: GK), keeps it busy in their GK 100 year. Declares interim dividend of J$ 48 cents payable September 23, 2022 and the appointment of Mrs. Vanessa Rizzioli to GK’s Board, effective July 28, 2022. Victoria Mutual Investments (JSE: VMIL) with a much improved 2nd quarter and a ramped up MD&A. Profit for the period of J$ 242 million versus J$ 174.9 million, year over year. The Jamaica Stock Exchange, a barometer of the economy, continued to shine in the 2nd quarter with earnings + 24%. Net profit hit J$ 143.7 million versus J$ 116 million year over year. The Federal Reserve rate increased 0.75%, or 1.5% in the last 2 months, what it means.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 54

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Guardian Holdings Limited (JSE:GHL), continues to show razor light focus and making continued changes to get their earnings moving in the right direction. Another one, Mrs Samanta Saugh, was appointed to Group CFO, July 19, 2022. Supreme Ventures Limited (JSE: SVL), one of the cash cows of the market, continues to roll, “Cookie Monster Special”, dividend of J$ 18.4 cents payable September 22, 2022 and 6 months earnings soar by 34% to J$ 1.6 Billion. Jamaica’s Chicken King, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited (JSE: JBG) continues to see lots of “company insider” buying, a strong sign. A further 245,000 shares purchased by a Senior Manager on July 21, 2022. NCB Financial Group Limited (JSE: NCB FG) has some important dates coming up! Board Meeting scheduled for August 4, 2022 to consider and approve 9 months results for June 30, 2022. NCB FG’s Q3 2022 virtual investor briefing all set for August 5, 2022. Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited (JSE: MJE) net asset value, has been closing the last few trading days around J$ 18-19 per share, market price J$ 14 and change.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 53

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Caribbean Cream Limited (JSE: KREMI) is not back yet with their expected earnings, net profit, but they are blazing those revenue numbers. KREMI hits J$ 611 million in operating revenue for its Q1 2022, ended May 31, 2022. Kingston Properties Limited (JSE: KPREIT) makes another bold move into the U.S. giving shareholders further diversification. Enters partnership agreement to acquire 2nd multi-family deal. Acquired for consideration of US$ 12.7 million, KPREIT owns a stake of approximately 45%. This deal now brings the total numbers of units held by the partnership that KPREIT is involved in to 273 units. AMG Packaging & Paper Company (JSE: AMG) showed a few quarters ago they are back and with this 3rd quarter, they are definitely back in a big way! For Q3, revenue rose 48% year over year to J$ 251.5 million. For the 9 months or YTD – year to date, earnings doubled to EPS of J$ 16 cents or net profit of J$ 80.4 million on revenue of J$ 738 million. Mrs. Claudine Campbell Bryan JMMB‘s Group Country Compliance Officer and Deputy Company Secretary for JMMB Group Limited and its Jamaican subsidiaries, has resigned effective September 2, 2022. In U.S. Market action, U.S. inflation for June 2022 was scary, hitting 9.1%, a number of U.S. banks, financials reported earnings, a few disappointing numbers, from JPMorgan Chase & Wells Fargo, but they were bolstering their bad loan reserves given the outlook for credit losses & the U.S. recession.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 52

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, NCB Financial Group, cheap, undervalued, oversold at J$ 99.50? NCB FG, trades below J$ 100 on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange. Jamaica Broilers Group, the Chicken King comes out with massive financial results for its year end 2022. JBG’s earnings surged 35% hitting J$ 3.07 billion, with earnings per share eclipsing J$ 3. From a segment result perspective, Jamaica really outperforms U.S. operations over the last 12 months. Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited, currently trading at J$ 14/ J$ 15 per share, seems to be getting going again, by signing a financial advisory and brokerage services agreement with the IPO King, Mayberry Investments. First Rock Real Estate Investments Limited, with another upcoming deal, announces a prospective deal, as a part of a consortium to acquire Medical Associates Hospital. Wigton Windfarm had another rough year, for the year ended March 31, 2022, with both revenue and earnings tumbling, sales fell 21% and earnings fell wider by 43%.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 51

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Ciboney Group Limited, rocked us with the News Release, we thought it was a takeover, good news, good feels announcement update, but it was merely an update on the 2022 annual general meeting (“AGM”). Bottom line is, CBNY’s AGM will be held on or before October 16, 2022, with the last AGM being held on March 16, 2021. KREMI threw in a clinker for its year-end 2022, February 28, registering a net loss of J$ 9.1 million, but on the glass half-full standpoint, they hit over J$ 2 billion in sales. KREMI is getting this revenue from somewhere, right? KREMI always rebounds, they will be back. Jamaican Teas Limited, JAMT, more trading in their shares on the “sell” side, 100k shares being sold by a senior manager on June 24, 2022. Bed, Bath & Beyond replaces their CEO again, after sluggish results: sales and earnings for another quarter. CEO Mark Tritton departs after being with the company since 2019. Tritton was a Target veteran. LVMH Moet Hennessy unit gets busy, purchasing California wine big biz, Joseph Phelps. Delivers one of the best-known California wine makers and the award winning Insignia label.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 50

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Portland JSX Limited, makes a new Director appointment happen. Ms. Brenda Duncan jumps onto the Board effective June 23, 2022, and she will also sit on the Audit Committee of the Company. Caribbean Cement Company Limited, really playing it cautious with this whole dividend process, approach and finalization, if we have ever seen one at ItsMoneyMark. A new advisory to the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange with a revised payable date to September 9, 2022, all subject to shareholder approval. CCC’s dividend announcement was J$ 1.5032/ share. KPREIT, Kingston Properties Limited gets their deal done, a successful APO – Additional Public Offering for approximately J$ 1.5 Billion Fundraise. There were no reserved pools, and the general public pools received all their applied amounts. Another one by VM Wealth Management! Mailpac Group Limited, considers a dividend, Board meeting set for July 1, 2022. Mailpac continues to generate strong cash flow, and maintains or improves its dividends but investors are in this one for the growth as well. Mailpac needs to seriously consider some acquisitions or a pivot, given the competition in the space it seems. Netflix, Inc, lays off further employees, approximately 300 after previous layoffs in May 2022. This new set of layoffs represents about 3% of their workforce. Objective to cut costs given the slower revenue growth and the diminishing global subscribers. In Q1 2022, the streaming giant lost 200,000 global subscribers.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 49

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Mayberry Investments Limited (JSE: MIL) continues to see strong “company insider” demand and purchasing continues in its shares on the Market. Recently reported to the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange, connected parties reported further buying of shares in June 2022, of 100k shares, and 20k shares.  Sagicor Select Funds Limited (JSE: SELECTMD) continues to be slow & steady, nothing exciting or nothing breaking out in terms of their market price on the JSE or their Net asset values but the respective SELECT funds remain solid. At ItsMoneyMark, we still feel they could use a face, or someone consistent for the listed companies. As even though, they were structured and function like ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds, our market, and it’s constituents, that is shareholders, tend to still prefer to see and identify with a face, CEO that they view as running the companies or with oversight of the listed entity or entities.  Dolla Financial Services Limited (JSE: DOLLA) listed on the JSE last week at J$ 1/ share and as expected by Mr. Market and analysts it has been nothing short of expectations and on fire. The market price has surged past J$ 2/ share easily with some notable investment bank principals and social media, calling for J$ 3/ share to as high as J$ 5/ share in the coming week. At J$ 5/ share this would place Dolla at a market cap of J$ 12.5 billion or approximately US$ 83.3 million. Additionally First Rock’s equity stake alone at approximately US$ 50 million. Therefore, First Rock in approximately 2 years after buying Dolla for only US$ 500k, not including any proceeds to date and/or dividends would make in this ultra quick timetable, 100x their investment on Dolla. Bitcoin (US: BTC), will it always go down or just keep going down? Like everything, we doubt that but for right now, it’s been a lot of bad news, and stress for the “bulls on bitcoin”. Bitcoin fell below US$ 18,000 briefly, however bounced back above US$ 20,000. It made another 52-week low, while it touched approximately US$ 17,708, BTC was approximately 1/4 of its 52-week high, 75% lower than its peak within the past year. Target Corporation (US: TGT) Deal Days coming in hot again to rival the behemoth, Amazon, Amazon’s Prime Day. Target’s deal days, go longer, for 72 hours versus Amazon Prime’s 48 hours and Target has approximately 2,000 stores for customers to use, pick-up at, etc. Target’s membership for its Deal Days is free while Amazon Prime is US$ 139 annually. Interestingly, Target even starts a day before on July 11, 2022. We also jump into the Target owned Shipt and how Target is even using this, their delivery service with Deal Days.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 48

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Kingston Properties Limited (JSE: KPREIT) officially has closed their Additional Public Offer (“APO”) effective Friday, June 10, 2022. It was extended once, but it is good to see that they got it done. Another deal done by VM Wealth Management in the market in recent times, talk about VM Group being on a roll. Additionally, We like KPREIT’s slogan or theme, in their release, “Buy Local. Own Global.” Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited (JSE: CPJ) remains active with “company insider” trading activity which is a good sign to see with any listed entity on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange or any public company globally. Recent activity saw a connected party buy 100k shares on June 6, 2022, and another connected party buy 100k shares on June 7, 2022. That’s what you want to see. CPJ has been trading on or around J$ 14 – J$ 15/ share in recent trading days. Scotia Group Jamaica (JSE: SGJ) gets a Senior Management Resignation, effective July 14, 2022. SGJ’s earnings have not been “hot” for some time, but they have been stable, and not a bad dividend yield as we covered recently at ItsMoneyMark, at an annualized rate of 3.9%. However, they have been hit now with another change in their top brass, with VP, Snr. Legal Counsel, & Corporate Secretary, Mr. Richard Fraser moving on. Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Limited (JSE: PTL), appoints a new Chief Digital Strategist/ CFO, Dr. Jacqueline Leckie-Johnson to lead the Company into its digital transformation. The appointment is coming up, and takes effect July 1, 2022. Wow, we close it off, by talking about U.S. gas prices surging, as they top US$ 5 a gallon for the 1st time, on Saturday June 11, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 47

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, JMMB Group Limited, say no more, earnings up by a huge number again, for the latest year-end, March 31, 2022. JMMB Group’s earnings surge 52%, with net profit hitting J$ 12 billion and earnings per share (“EPS”) of 5.85/ share. The results were driven by “share of profit of associate” contributing some J$ 5 billion to the year-end tally. At J$ 45 or lower share price, JMMB Group is one of the lower P/E ratios on the JSE market. Wisynco Group Limited, Director sold 500,000 shares, probably taking some liquidity off the table here, we assume, on May 26, 2022. Ciboney Group (JSE: CBNY) with the well needed market disclosure, for the market, analysts, and all parties, but especially for minority ordinary shareholders. The Company added on to its previous advisory of 28th February 2022, to state that CBNY, understands the majority shareholder is in the process of pursuing the finalization of a decision in respect to the sale of its 72% in CBNY. Medical Disposables & Supplies (JSE: MDS) deals, and previous M&A, clearly paying dividends now, big time. Uniquely, MDS reported growth in revenue and net profit of 42% each, a stellar year-end for 2022. MDS’s revenue hit J$ 3.4 billion and net profit hit J$ 105 million for the year-end March 31, 2022. Lastly, VM Investments (JSE: VMIL) has been on fire as of late and talk about closing May 2022 on a high! VMIL announced a private equity investment and taking a sizable equity stake in food manufacturer and food distributor, Home Choice Enterprise Limited.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 46

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, JMMB Group (JSE: JMMBGL) declared a dividend of J$ 25 cents per share, a nice one, and payable to ordinary shareholders on July 11, 2022. JMMBGL continues to be one of the underpriced securities on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange as compared to its peers or other comparative valuations. The “Foodie” Lasco companies are coming out strong, with their respective earnings & dividends. Lasco Manufacturing Limited (JSE: LASM) declared a dividend of J$ 10 cents per share, payable on June 29, 2022. Additionally LASM reported revenue for its year ended March 31, 2022 of J$ 9.48 billion and net profit of J$ 1.7 billion or earnings per share of J$ 41.3 cents. Lasco Distributors Limited (JSE: LASD) declared a dividend of J$ 9 cents per share, payable on June 29, 2022. Additionally LASD reported revenue for its year ended March 31, 2022 of J$ 23.3 billion and net profit of J$ 1.01 billion of earnings per share of J$ 28.95 cents. Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited (JSE: CPJ) new CEO Alert! The appointment of Mr. Todd Stromme as Chief Executive Officer of CPJ, effective June 1, 2022. Previously he served as the President & Corporate Executive at Nicholas & Company in Las Vegas. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallies back above 33,000 points for now.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 45

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Guardian Holdings Limited (JSE: GHL) on the move making more changes. In this case, Director Changes. At the Company’s annual general meeting held on May 5, 2022, Mr. Antony Lancaster and Mr. David Hamel-Smith did not offer themselves for re-election as Directors of the Company. As such, they will be removed as Directors of the Company effective May 5, 2022. Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances Limited (JSE: CFF), 65.02% owned by Derrimon Trading Company Limited reported a stronger 1st quarter, in particular, with revenue growth + 30% year over year to J$ 174 million. Net profit registered was J$ 20.3 million or Earnings per share of J$ 2 cents. Cash, & short term investments hit J$ 274 million. The trend is your friend! Well sometimes not, with interest rates no longer signaling higher but actually heading higher. The Central Bank, BOJ, increased rates yet again, as expected from 4.5% to 5%, effective Friday, May 20, 2022. Stationery & Office Supplies Limited (JSE: SOS) had a monster 1st Quarter, signaling their back, & back in a big way! For March 31, 2022, revenue improved to J$ 427.6 million versus J$ 313 million in the previous year’s quarter and net profit almost doubled to J$ 104.8 million or Earnings per share of J$ 42 cents. Dow Jones fell briefly below 31,000 points and a number of stocks hit 52-week Lows, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Walt Disney, Boeing and more.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 44

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Derrimon Trading Company Limited (JSE: DTL) has been making non-stop money moves over the past 6-12 months and the share price has finally got some legs, cruising above J$ 3/ share. They have released the purchase consideration of their latest acquisition, Arosa Ltd, further to the April 7, 2022 advisory. The purchase price was J$ 932 million, or approximately US$ 6.1 million. PURITY has another strong first quarter, historically this is their best quarter annually and therefore traditionally generates their best periodic profit in this quarter. PURITY, produced Q1 2022 (March 31, 2022) net profit of J$ 15.5 million or earnings per share of J$ 7 cents. Net profit for the period, leaped 67% for the quarter year over year. Revenue closed the quarter at J$ 378 million. Tropical Battery Company (JSE: TROPICAL) produced a 2nd quarter on fire, with operating revenue of J$ 635 million and net profit of J$ 29.9 million (profit almost doubling year over year for TROPICAL). For the half year or 6 months, TROPICAL is already at an earnings per share, of J$ 7 cents as compared to J$ 3 cents in the previous year. Kingston Wharves Limited (JSE: KW) the all conquering and dominating terminal operations & logistics services company continues to always perform again for its first quarter, March 31, 2022. Net profit of J$ 678 million, + 21%, on revenue of J$ 2.24 billion. Earnings per share steadily climbed to J$ 46 cents and change for Q1 2022. GraceKennedy (JSE: GK) reports a juicy dividend, J$ 48 cents to stockholders, to be paid June 16, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 43

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, SELECTMD Net asset value continues to sail North, and head higher, to above J$ 1.23/ share as at May 6, 2022, closed at J$ 1.238/ share. Part of the Sagicor Select Funds family. FESCO massive trading in shares continues, with 19 million shares traded on May 2, 2022, connected party sold as part of the company’s incentive plan to FESCO’s service station dealers and employees. Fontana Limited gets back to business, with a strong 3rd quarter, earnings leap 33%, with earnings per share (“EPS”) cruising in at J$ 8 cents, with net profit, a huge J$ 104.5 million, and year to date (9 months) net profit for March 31, 2022 at J$ 414.5 million. Seprod Limited has further market share growth success in 2021 with revenue increasing by 16% to J$ 43.8 billion, from J$ 37.7 billion in 2020. Net profit hit J$ 1.99 billion, about J$ 880 million lower than 2020 due to a fall off in finance & other operating income and higher admin & other operating expenses. The Market hotly awaits FESCO and Mailpac Group earnings reports, as we cruise into another week on ItsMoneyMark!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 42

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, more confidence continues to pour into Supreme Ventures Limited, as a senior manager, 2 connected parties and a related entity purchased approximately 171k shares in SVL, late April 2022. Stanley Motta Limited earnings fell 6% for 2021, largely driven by an increase in finance cost, admin expenses and lower fair value gain on investment properties. SML earnings per share hit J$ 1.05/ share for 2021 year end versus J$ 1.12/ share for 2020 year end. Net profit for 2021 of J$ 798 million, with fair value gains of as much as J$ 553.9 million. ISP Finance Services grows its loan book, net of provisions for credit losses to J$ 713 million to close December 31, 2021, from J$ 675 million a year earlier. However ISP’s earnings head lower for 2021 by 16% to earnings per share of J$ 52 cents. Hit hard by allowance for credit losses of J$ 115 million for 2021, a jump of almost J$ 50 million year over year. Caribbean Cement put out another strong quarter, with first quarter revenue hitting J$ 6.8 billion, + 14% year over year and net profit of J$ 1.59 billion. CCC’s stockholders equity surges to J$ 17.4 billion.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 41

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Honey Bun (1982) Limited with the continued Director trades, 4 million shares by a Director on April 14, 2022. HONBUN continues to move major “insider” volumes. Knutsford Express with the comeback quarter, boom, 3rd Quarter revenue of J$ 301 million and net profit of J$ 37 million, back to business for KEX. Lumber Depot with another sign of confidence, watch those “insider” trades and take note, Director purchased 1 million shares on April 7, 2022. AMG Packaging & Paper Company has laid the foundation, the governance and now we are seeing the results. AMG with the 6 months results of J$ 53 million for February 28, 2022 versus J$ 21.2 million in 2021 comparative period. Mayberry Jamaican Equities, the profit machine, monster quarter is back and had a quarter of quarters for its First Quarter registering net profit of J$ 944 million on unrealized gains of approximately J$ 910 million from financial instruments and investments in associates. It’s market price has nearly approached its net asset value now of J$ 13.60/ share as at March 31, 2022.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 40

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Derrimon Trading Company Limited, the private equity food company has made another major move, with another one! Derrimon has acquired one more company in the span of 90 days or so, now purchasing 100% of Arosa Ltd. Kingston Properties Limited, better known as KPREIT launches its APO. KPREIT had always signaled it was headed towards the capital markets again, and here we go. KPREIT aims to raise J$ 1.5 billion with 750 million shares priced at J$ 7.50/ share, with upsize potential to a total of J$ 2.25 billion. Why don’t the Majority Shareholders just de-list Ciboney Group? Clearly they are not getting the market value they would perceive for the Company. Latest unaudited quarterly results reveal negative net current liabilities of J$ 6.3 million, cash & deposits of only J$ 1.3 million & a quarterly loss of J$ 1.53 million for the period 28 February 2022. Walmart’s new incentives and increased salary for long haul truck drivers has gone viral. Given the national truck driver shortage in the U.S., Walmart has upped the wages to US$ 95k – US$ 110k for 1st time drivers and a training program.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 39

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Notable financier, Mr. Carlton Barclay resigns from the Board of Directors of Caribbean Assurance Brokers Limited (“CAB”) effective March 31, 2022. The Central Bank, Bank of Jamaica next WATBY auction is April 12th, 2022, keep your eyes on this and where rates are heading especially if you are impacted by leverage. MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Limited makes an about turn for 2021 with positive financial results showing net comprehensive income of US$ 1.14 million. Primarily driven by unrealized gains on investment in MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund LLC of US$ 1.347 million. Mailpac Group Limited released full audited financial statements for 2021. Earnings down 11%, while revenue was to the upside 5%. 2021 showed a slowdown and decline in operations, 2022 is expected to rebound for Mailpac Group and should be the tell tale Year. Net profit of J$ 397 million with net margins at 22%. Lasco Manufacturing share price finally gets moving, heads north of J$ 5/ share & Spur Tree Spices Jamaica sees major volumes almost 5% of the Company move on the Market.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 38

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Wigton Windfarm with the share price pop! After trading at J$ 50 – J$ 53 cents per share levels, on the news of the Mayberry Financial Advisory agreement and the 21% equity stake in Flash Motors St. Lucia, pure equity company, the share price has flied to J$ 70 – 77 cents per share levels. Buffet the Investor Guru goes all the way in on Energy, with big investment in Occidental Petroleum, further US$5 Billion and change, bullish on Big Oil clearly. The Jamaica Stock Exchange (“JSE”)/ JMEA sign off on MOU, big deal Holyfield, for the Junior Market. Managing Director of the JSE predicts that in short order this could result in the Junior Market seeing more than 100 listed Companies. Victoria Mutual Investments with the raft of Management changes, approximately 8. Ranging from sales lead, investor relations, compliance, treasury, etc. VM making money moves in 2022. The Dow Jones Industrial Average re-approaches 35,000 points.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 37

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, The Federal Reserve (“FED”) gets busy, increasing rates by .25%, long expected. The FED has 6 more meetings for 2022 and they have made it clear, for the market to expect an increase at each of them. Additionally they raised their outlook for inflation even more. With Jamaica open, and back Outside, Main Event Entertainment Group (“MEEG”) released growth in revenue for its 1st Quarter of 15%. Despite earnings decreasing year over year, to a net loss of J$ 40.6 million, the market with expectations of the re-opening of entertainment sector, sent Main Event higher to J$ 7.87/ share. MEEG released their 2021 annual report as well. Future Energy Source Company Limited (“FESCO”) board meets soon to consider an interim dividend, March 30, 2022, continues to trade in the J$ 6/ share price range. FESCO’s current market cap, J$ 15 billion. NCB Financial Group (“NCB FG”) had a wild trading week, over the past few days, seemingly almost like the swings we saw in the Dow Jones. NCB FG traded as low as J$ 91.01 albeit on incredibly low volume, a new 52-week low. Rebounded quickly, back at J$ 110 and change with higher bids back in action.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 36

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Wigton Windfarm Limited with the notable market disclosure. We spoke about this recently, given the fact of Mayberry’s Financial Advisory Services Agreement and their shareholding in Wigton via MJE, it was just a matter of time before Wigton announced a deal. Here we go! Wigton buying 21% shareholding in Flash Holdings Limited. Mailpac Group, still below J$ 3/ share on the JSE declares a nice dividend, J$ 9 cents per share, payable April 8, 2022, dividend yield of just over 3%. It’s the week of new listings coming at us on the JSE Market, we get JFP Limited 1st on March 14, 2022 and right after one of the quickest listings we have seen EduFocal right after, on March 15, 2022. Scotia Group Jamaica upset the positive streak of Earnings Reports, with a flat number. Earnings per share for Q1 of J$ 57 cents versus J$ 56 cents and Net Profit below J$ 2 billion for January 31, 2022. Larger concern, Loan Book shrank 7.5% year over year to J$ 200.5 billion.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 35

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, KPREIT surges hits US$ 3 million in net profit for 2021, and US$ 50.4 million in total assets. They also added Mr. Rezworth Burchenson from VM Investments, as a member of their Audit Committee. Don’t sleep on Mailpac Group, yes the share price has fallen below J$ 3/ share, and the earnings have been slumping but the valleys present opportunities. Mailpac Group Board is also considering a dividend coming up on March 11, 2022. The FESCO trend continues every so often, quarterly or even more frequently, here we go again, massive trading in shares, connected party sold a total of 38 million shares and an executive director and a connected party purchased the exact amount, 38 million shares on February 28 and March 1, 2022. FESCO states that it is a part of an incentive plan for FESCO service station dealers and employees. Fontana Limited, disappointing numbers for the 2nd Quarter, flat earnings, with earnings per share of J$ 20 cents, year over year, net profit of J$ 248 million. Overall, Earnings Reports are thundering on the JSE, with GraceKennedy, Kingston Wharves, PanJam all on fire for the Quarter.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 34

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Supreme Ventures keeps upping their game. Latest alert is this dividend. J$ 26 cents per share. Express Catering Limited, comes out with message that they will get the Q2 done and published definitely by February 28, 2022, the due date was November 30, 2021. February 28, 2022 is teetering on JSE rules and we think to our understanding of the rules, suspension of the issue listing territory if this deadline isn’t made. Scotia Group Jamaica 2021 Annual Report looks brilliant and gives confidence as always, but the 10-year earnings per share (“EPS”) tells a different tale of the tape. 2021 was EPS of J$ 2.70, 10 years ago it was J$ 3.19 and peaked at J$ 4.24 in 2019. Guardian Holdings Limited, delivers a solid year but a flat year of earnings growth for NCB Global Holdings Limited, the 61.77% shareholder in GHL.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 33

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) had huge full year 2021 results with US$ 973 million in top line and net earnings of US$ 36 million, and an even stronger 4th quarter to go along with it. Future Energy Source Company Limited, FESCO, keeps the Director purchases coming in hot, 3 buy trades announced over the past week, totaling just under 4 million shares. Palace Amusement Company (1921) Limited revenue bounced back to approx. J$ 150 million for the 2nd quarter, a positive, however a crushing J$ 111.6 million net loss for shareholders. Our Central Bank, Bank of Jamaica, increases rates by 150 bps, that is a big 1.5% increase for the benchmark rate to 4.0%, just the other day we were at 0.5%. Wigton Windfarm (“WIG”) signs Mayberry Investments Limited as a financial advisor and WIG makes it clear, with the announcement, the mandate: WIG’s clear potential growth agenda moving forward.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 32

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Tropical Battery puts out a real one, well needed revenue growth + 47% and doubling Earnings per Share for the 1st Quarter, Huge Quarter by TROPICAL. PROVEN shakes things up, post Director resignation of Mr. Yvor Nassief as an Independent Director, PROVEN advises to the market, not 1, not 2, but 3 new Director appointments to their Board. Cargo Handlers, the silent, quiet, understated listed company that keeps chugging, and winning. Earnings just consistently beat the market quarter over quarter and not just year over year. Another big Quarter by CHL, 1st Quarter earnings + 143%. Honey Bun (1982) Limited, the new entrants to the Top 10 shareholder list say it all! Of course the earnings are the most important but follow, and study this list as well. HONBUN 1st Quarter earnings + 43%.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 31

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Wisynco Group Limited, coming back in a Big Way, Big Deal Holyfield here. Delivering quarterly earnings + 63% and reflecting a cash and investment securities combined total of J$ 9.7 billion to close 2nd Quarter December 31, 2021. Some trading activity coming into Wigton Windfarm by company insiders, not huge, but at least something, 511.5k by a Director. PROVEN Investments Limited completes its deal in Cayman, acquiring 100% of the issued share capital of Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited, effective February 1, 2022. They created a new subsidiary to take down the asset, PROVEN Bank Holding Limited. GraceKennedy, continues to see strong buying and/or grants into the shares, advisory of 853k GK shares pursuant to the GK 2009 stock option plan. TSMC, announcing its US$ 100 billion plan! 

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 30

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Access Financial made the headlines with their big recovery, turnaround story continuing with net profit jumping to J$ 264 million for the 9 Months and Loans & Advances increasing to J$ 4.5 billion as at December 2021, versus J$ 4.04 billion as at December 2020. Dividend declared of J$ 15 cents per share, payable closer to the end of February, 25th of February 2022. Some changes to the Board at Access Financial as well, with Proven’s Private Equity specialist Mrs. Nerisha Davis Farquharson jumping onto Access Financial Board and Proven’s Boss Mr. Christopher Williams stepped down from Access Financial Board after serving for 7 years. Eppley Limited, taking business continuity planning, succession planning to a whole different level in 2022. Mr. Nicholas Scott advances to role of Vice-Chairman at Eppley Limited and General Manager, Mr. Justin Nam will now steer the Executive team at Eppley. Mayberry Investments has appointed another Financial Controller effective January 3rd, 2022 in Mr. Clayon Denton. Scotia Group Jamaica audited report, registering J$ 8.41 billion of net profit for latest fiscal year, slight fall-off from J$ 9 billion. Additionally, Loans net of credit losses fell off to J$ 208.5 billion, down J$ 12 billion after showing growth year over year in the previous year. It seems Scotia Group Jamaica just has not recovered from the Bill Clarke days or is not interested in growing in Jamaica.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 29

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited – CPJ, continues to be traded heavily by connected parties, directors and so on, share price was at J$ 10, then J$ 13, now J$ 16/ share. CPJ per public disclosures is expanding further into the retail market with expansion into the Drax Hall developing area and possible other locations. Legendary investment and asset management firm GMO is predicting a 45% market correction or decline in U.S. equities and did we ever get underway with NetFlix and Peloton. NFLX & PTON had an awful week, one for the Ages. Netflix fell below US$ 500/ share and then even US$ 400/ share on slowing subscriber growth despite raising prices again right before its earnings release. Peloton got rocked, falling below US$ 30/ share with a market cap now of US$ 8 billion, a far cry from its all time high market cap of US$ 50 billion, on continued bad public relations and even announcements of halting production.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 28

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Paramount Trading (Jamaica) rebounds heavily in 2nd Quarter, with Profit of J$ 28.5 million, Equity of J$ 843 million. KREMI’s revenue growth continues to surge, but throws in a “rough” 3rd Quarter with a loss of J$ 25 million, on higher cost of operating revenue. Knutsford Express Services recovery continues with revenue jumping by 61% and a mere loss of J$ 821k for the 2nd Quarter compared to a loss of J$ 33.7 million comparably in 2020. Massy Holdings, gets ready, an abridged statement published on the Stock Exchange (JSE), MASSive Company! Netflix fires up prices again for its streaming service in the U.S. & Canada as new customer growth slows. Plans increased by US$ 1, US$ 1.50 and US$ 2 respectively from the basic plan to the premium plan.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 27

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Wisynco Group Limited, continues their domination & expansion with garnering another 26,400 sq. ft. of distribution space in Hague, Trelawny for their North West Distribution Center. Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Limited announces another significant change, they continue to go through the motions, while re-seeking growth in the markets, Change of Company Secretary. Scotia Group Jamaica continues to shape up, with Mr Perrin Gayle promoted to VP, Retail & Small Business Caribbean & North Central, note Mrs. Audrey Tugwell-Henry, is SVP & Head of Caribbean North & Central and President & CEO Scotiabank Jamaica. Ciboney Group losses continue for Q2 2021, albeit a small one, net loss of J$ 1.8 million, with cash now at J$ 774k. Keep watching U.S. interest rates, 10-year treasury bond yield tops 1.75% to get 2022 cooking.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 26

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, The Lab (Limners & Bards) gets us started and do they ever slow down? We can’t recall a down Quarter for them since listing, full send here, 2021 Earnings up 23%. Cargo Handlers (CHL), the quiet  but growing decisively stock, continued to do well on the back of growth of associate company, Buying House Cement. CHL reported net profit of J$ 159.6 million. 138 Student Living performs well for its year-end, better than expected with J$ 244.5 million of net profit, some concerns around the balance sheet though, we dig into this. U.S. Equities still rule, up 3 straight years, S&P 500 closes 2021, up almost 27%!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 25

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Fontana Limited comes out blazing & getting ready for 2022. Raises J$ 500 million from Scotia Investments in Bonds to fund expansion. General Accident received CariCRIS credit ratings and it’s a good one, as the CEO Sharon Donaldson comments that GENAC is happy that they successfully went through the process. It will be interesting to see what is next on the cards for GENAC in 2022. Tropical Battery Company keeps moving, and keeps improving their investor relations to the Market. Confirming, a Senior Management add-on, Director, Sales & Marketing Mr. David Walton onto the TROPICAL team. Sygnus Credit Investments goes Big, Huge deal to acquire Private Credit Firm in Puerto Rico. Leading the way for Big Tech for 2021, it was the year of Alphabet, up 70% + in 2021.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 24

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Peloton rallies from 52 week LO of US$ 36 range on earnings, negative public relations, and other concerns. Oracle, the enterprise software giant, announces biggest acquisition ever for Oracle on record, acquiring Cerner for equity value of US$ 28.3 billion. Omicron fears, drive U.S. airline and cruise line share prices lower, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, American Air, Delta. Muskie the public relations genius, leads the tax avoidance commentary matter on blast with stating he is paying almost US$ 12 billion for 2021.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 23

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Financial legend Peter Moses retires from GraceKennedy Limited, Board of Directors today! He will continue to serve as Chairman of First Global Bank Limited. Salada Foods, clearly driving efficiency, with effect from October 1, 2021, it’s subsidiary Mountain Peak Food Processors Limited, going concern, assets & liabilities will be transferred to Salada. JP Group declares a capital distribution versus a dividend, J$ 25 cents per share, payment date of January 20, 2022. JMMB Group’s Board approves open market share buyback programme, to commence in Fiscal 2022/2023, April 1, 2022 for an initial amount of J$ 300 million over a 1 year period. Apple Inc surges even closer to US$ 3 TR market cap and clearly will surpass it any day now, last 30 days, AAPL up 19.63%.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 22

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, General Accident Insurance, as their earnings fire up, their regional expansion gears up, expect a good dividend come December 9th, 2021. Clearly VM Investments Limited is not slowing down. Ms. Bridget Lewis appointed to the Board of Directors effective December 1, 2021. IronRock Insurance Company, even though company insiders, and in this case a connected party buys up 30k shares on November 25, 2021, IronRock is having a tough time performing in this competitive General Insurance space. Palace Amusement Company revenue rebounds in Q1 to J$ 80 million but reports another loss for Q1 of J$ 79 million. Activist hedge fund, Engine Capital makes a move on well known Kohl’s online Biz.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 21

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Carreras Limited continues to make big & bold moves, and adds a juicy dividend of J$ 21 cents for stockholders. CAC 2000 has been getting its act together with the recent/ notable management change, interesting comments at the AGM and now some powerbroker moves at the Board level with 3 new Directors. The Emergence of VM Investments (VMIL), soon to be an investment powerbroker and powerhouse? We talk about this. The Financial Groups and Commercial Banks jockey to be Number 1/ Pole Position, who is winning the race & we talk about the projected champion: the stalwart, NCB Financial Group, the challenger, Sagicor Group Jamaica, the newcomer, JMMB Group, & the surprisingly swift & rapid growth underdog, Barita Investments.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 20

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Jamaican Teas making a big move with Dianna Blake-Bennett joining JAMT as CEO manufacturing division. Paramount Trading (Jamaica) seems to continue to be going through the motions and needs some potential Investor Relations exercise with the Market, long time Director James Lechler resigns. FESCO Directors keep loading up on shares, director buys up 900k shares on November 15, 2021. Productive Business Solutions, PBS declares dividend US$ 2 million of cash back to shareholders despite loss for quarter, YTD and an accumulated deficit. Consolidated Bakeries Jamaica, better known as Purity, changes their Mentor & adds Director, Lissant Mitchell.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 19

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Earnings Galore! We are in the Season, once November 15th or before creeps around. Today, we are going to get into, Carreras, YTD up 22%, we spoke above this before, Carreras back in growth mood. Kingston Properties, strong quarter and YTD again, key analysis, as a real estate business they are actually growing rental income in US$, keep watching them. Purity numbers continue to struggle, they have to take a closer look at the cost structure for shareholders, losses for the quarter and the 9 Months. Elite Diagnostic grows top line for Q1 by 28% and trims loss, still needs more to the bottom line. JMMB Group, rallying the financial sector results, with Rock Star results, quarter up 119%, insanely good!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 18

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, we kick off the week with Pfizer. It’s still looking cheap after breaking earnings estimates and the “street”. Pfizer on target to produce 3 billion vaccine doses for 2021. Just Wow! Key Insurance Company produces another quarter of profits but is it enough to justify the rights issue of J$ 668 million? ROE/ ROI remains insignificant for GK. Dividend Season continues, bellwether stock Carreras has board meeting coming up and SOS, the office furniture guru, just declared a good one, J$ 16 cents. Seprod earnings lower but commendable results given price inflation and supply chain issues, earnings decline 31% for the 9 Months. In U.S. Market action, keep your eyes on Zillow, Peloton, & Penn Gaming.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 17

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Lasco Companies, Distributors & Manufacturing numbers flatline and to the downside for Q2, sending Analysts to wonder if the Food Boom during the Pandemic is slowing. Jamaican Teas Limited has successful EGM, and AGM meetings, commences life soon for Caribbean Dreams Foods Limited with the transfer of JAMT’s manufacturing business to it. Jamaica Broilers Group, declares approximately J$ 179 million in dividends, payment for November 30th, 2021. Fontana’s Annual Report for 2021 coming out hot. The Jamaica Stock Exchange – JSE blazes it’s Quarterly numbers, with earnings up 170%. Jamaica’s leading cement, Carib Cement, threw in a surprise lower Quarter, earnings fell off the Blue Mountain, we talk about the cost of sales.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 16

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, KLE Group fires up their AGM Notice, what will the outlook be for Shareholders? Stationery & Office Supplies Ltd, makes Managing Director change and appoints Son, Mr Allan McDaniel as MD. AMG Packaging & Paper Company Limited puts out their 4th Quarter and 12 months Numbers, improved profits, but not seeing the top line growth. Supreme Ventures, the Gaming Kingpin, had a rough Q3 2021 but a fair & steady 9 months (YTD), showing impressive revenue growth YTD despite Pandemic. Jamaica Producers & Norbrook Equity Partners, partner in JV in the DR in Ice and Water Biz! Potentially more deals in the Spanish speaking Caribbean & Central America.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 15

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Company Insider buys into Wisynco, under the long term incentive plan, 180,000 shares. Margaritaville Turks Ltd burns more US$ Cash for the Quarter, but Company is bullish on Cruise Liners restarting Soon. Caribbean Cream Ltd, comes out hitting with massive Half-Year Results; don’t be fooled by the fall off in Earnings or Net Profit for the 2nd Quarter. Supreme Ventures announces Change at Subsidiary level via Resignation. In U.S. Markets, Financial Services: Investment Banking Units show Whopping Earnings, pushing the Dow Jones and U.S. Markets to Rebound.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 14

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, CAC2000 published their Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) Minutes and revealed they are # 1 or # 2 in the Market and probably from a comp4etitor standpoint, Arel Ltd is in the Pack nearby, their main competitor. Quite a bit of Movements again, Director Appointment at Carreras and Management Appointment at Caribbean Assurance Brokers. More major buying into Jamaica Producers Group shares by a Director, Demand, Demand, Demand. PROVEN, the sleepy giant, gives clarification about New Deal, Heritage Education Funds International that the deal is less than 10% of PROVEN’s net worth and therefore not Material.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 13

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, CPJ rebounds, although lower sales, but nicer profit outcome despite a loss for the year end… Net loss of US$ 2.5 million in 2021 versus loss of US$ 4.3 million in 2020… Balance Sheet and Current ratio looks good! Elite Diagnostic Limited, continues to grow market share, despite profits faltering… Revenue grew 15% for Year End 2021, although St Ann location had equipment issues, now resolved… PROVEN Investments takes down another Acquisition, closes deal for Heritage Education Funds International.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 12

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Express Catering is rolling again, as Tourism rally’s in Jamaica! Express Catering equals Tourism. They chalked up a US$ 565k 1st Quarter Profit for 2021… Barita Investments Notice of APO Closure makes it clear that, it’s another impressive Capital Raise by Team Barita: the Market awaits the decision on the Upsize Clause. Next stop, Commercial Banking Market or what’s Next for Barita? Pulse Investments registers another Blistering Year of Profits with their Audited Profit up 77% hitting J$ 1.46 billion, with J$ 1.12 billion of other income/ gains.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 11

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Sygnus Real Estate Finance Limited, IPO falls short but still brings in J$ 2.3 billion, 1,153 applicants… Portland JSX Limited, rebounds in their Q1 May 2021 financial results, chalks up US$ 354k net profit: even though a long-term play, good to see interim profits registered… Surprise resignation by the General Manager of Salada Foods Jamaica, but based on the forward date, clearly all is well in the Salada Camp. The earnings keep flowing… New Changes announced at the Gaming & Entertainment Giant: Supreme Ventures Limited, announces restructuring at Subsidiary, Supreme Ventures Fintech Limited… Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, new CEO Jassy speaks about the media, entertainment & content growth, importance & deals, stick with Amazon!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 10

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Fontana Limited better known as Fontana Pharmacy, “It’s all good inside”, clearly is now seeing the profits falling to its bottom line! Earnings up 86% for its Year End. Cash hitting a whopping J$ 859 million… Sygnus closes their Real Estate Finance IPO on September 10th 2021, and we await the results… Sygnus Credit declares a good dividend, the Market loves it, the continued Cash Flow… Jamaica’s Chicken King, Jamaica Broilers, grows Revenue 40%, but Earnings fall for Q1. The revenue mix for U.S. – Jamaica segments approaches 50/ 50 with U.S. net margin at 7%… Lots of buying support – managers and connected parties for RJR shares.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 9

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Board Changes at Carreras, the Legend Mr. Michael Bernard moving on in September 2021 as Director, Hanworth & McDonald joining as Directors and Chairpersons of Committees… Pulse Investments does 7-year Financing Deal with Barita Investments for J$ 1.1 billion: shows in-depth a Barita Corporate Financing Deal… Lumber Depot Annual General Meeting (AGM) coming up, we touch on recent Earnings per Share of J$ 21 cents… and Jamaica Producers (JP) coming into the Fold in a Big Way, buys 50% of Barcelona, Spain – Co-Beverage Limited – fresh juice producer.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 8

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Portland JSX Limited raises US$ 5 million for major move, to co-invest in ITEL. Honey Bun 1982 Ltd hits 52 week and all time high before retreating. Major trade in FESCO Ltd, FESCO stock continues to be Hottest stock in the Market YTD 2021. Jetcon Corporation turning the Corner, keep a Watchful Eye.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 7

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Sygnus Real Estate Finance Limited extends IPO, don’t be worried, they get things done… MailPac Group AGM coming up hot this week… ISP Finance Services falters on allowances for credit losses… More & more buying continues in FESCO shares by Connected Parties & Directors… Caribbean Cement shaking things up, and we close talking about ARK Invest/ Fund and the Cathie Wood market impact.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 6

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, we go in depth on 3 companies that came out hot for the June 2021 Quarter on the Stock Exchange… They may soon get a vote to be Bellwethers… Kingston Wharves a barometer for Jamaica probably had a record Quarter with profits over J$ 700 million… Barita making major Senior Management Appointments and we cover what could it mean added with another APO? Let’s not leave out JMMB Group and the Love they are showing for Shareholders with these Results, Profits up over 100%, what a First Quarter by JMMB!

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 5

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Carib Cement announces a major capacity upgrade, but wouldn’t start until H2 2022… Despite the MicroCredit Bill, is MicroFinance back? Lasco Financial and Access Financial release better than expected results as the rebound continues for them… Does it include the MicroFinance sector? Berkshire Hathaway rebounds, and Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha becomes even more focused on a handful of Stocks.

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 4

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, Carreras Limited is back in a big way! Earnings up 33%, we speak all about this and how this happened… FosRich stuns the market with Earnings up over 400% for the Quarter! They are doing it with leverage successfully with Debt to Equity at 1.2 times. We share our thoughts on Paramount Jamaica Earnings as well and the Robinhood Markets post IPO share price

ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 3

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, we talk about Newbie to the Stock Exchange- FESCO Ltd earnings & outlook, First Rock Capital’s deal and acquisition announcement in Costa Rica, Wigton Windfarm shareholder list (top 10) and year end numbers and financial concerns at Palace Amusement (1921) with the Pandemic not easing up.

ItMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 2

On Today’s Episode of ItsMoneyMark Earnings Report, we discussed Purity, Caribbean Cement, Portland JSX, NCB and in the overseas market, TESLA! We also mentioned a few others!

ItMoneyMark Earnings Report Episode 1
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