ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #98

Main Even Entertainment Group Limited: What a Quarter, Over J$ 100 MM Net Profit for Q1

Main Event, MEEG, with a market cap of J$ 3.5 billion and trading at J$ 11.50/ J$ 12 per share, just came out with one of the most explosive positive quarters we have seen in a minute at ItsMoneyMark, reminiscent of the tourism stocks/ companies as they emerged a bit quicker from the gates in terms of the earnings rebounds post Covid. 

Main Event for its 1st quarter ended January 31, 2023, registered phenomenal revenue of J$ 626.9 million, + 211% year over year. The company’s net profit rang in at J$ 117.9 million, reversing a net loss in the comparative quarter, a year earlier. For Main Event, this quarter’s net profit resulted in a net margin of 19%, and earnings per share of J$ 39 cents. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #72

Access Financial Services Limited, and Dolla Financial Services Limited

Rumble in the Bronx 

Leading microfinance firm, Access Financial Services (JSE: AFS) is in the market currently for up to J$ 2 billion corporate note/ bond, priced at 11% interest rate. It is unsecured with a 5-year tenor, and the arranger is PROVEN Wealth Limited. As of late, AFS has even been doing timely radio ads as well. The fundraise makes sense for both parties, as AFS’s loan book has been around J$ 4.0 – J$ 4.5 billion for quite a while now. Most micro-financiers fund their growth via debt, loan payables, corporate bonds, and so forth, and notably PROVEN Investment Limited is a top shareholder in AFS, at just under 25%.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #60

Compressing Margins upcoming at Manufacturers/ Distributors, and Buy Recommendations of Stocks at 25x, 30x P/E?

The supply chain issue is coming across no longer as an issue but like a crisis, the more businesspersons we talk to, and viewing a few earnings reports to the JSE thus far that have been disappointing for Q1 whose businesses depend on logistics. If this issue, continues for a longer period, and/or escalates, one which we do not fully understand yet, what will be the impact on several listed JSE companies be? 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #57

Growing Corporate Profits, Shortage of Quality Assets: Jamaica

The better the corporate profits, the better the markets. In the U.S. corporate profits have been improving year over year continuously for more than a decade. Besides the anomalies, of course. Every year the query has come up, are we in a “bubble” and “when is this bubble going to bust.” The thing is, if corporate profits are strong, and growing annually, and/or upward trending, then stock markets will do well. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (US: DOW J) is evidence of that. Moving 10 years ago, from just below 13,000 points to this week hoovering around 34,000/ 35,000 points. If profits are stellar and growing, the index and the overall indices will make Mr. Market $$$.