ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #90

Mayberry Investments Fire Power Loading, What’s the Plan? 
Talk about more fire power for MIL – Mayberry. They already were on fire with investments in Supreme Ventures (JSE: SVL) and Caribbean Producers (JSE: CPJ).

The oversubscribed, 2 tranches (there are 4 tranches in total in the offer) closed already for the Mayberry Bond IPO #BondBerry giving them even more horse power to be a dominant financial player, deal maker in the Jamaican Market for 2023, and for the outlook of 2023 to 2025. We can go even further in our mind and say 2027. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #82

Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited, back in a Big Way, Pre-Covid Levels or Bigger?

Can we say, what a year-end? Even if we await the 1st quarter, CPJ has chalked up a heck of a year of revenue and profits for the year ended June 30, 2022. Back in a Big Way. 

Gross operating revenue: US$ 119.9 million 

Net profit: US$ 7.72 million 

Based on CPJ’s current market cap, and the latest earnings, a historical P/E of 12.5x does not sound bad in these markets, if CPJ can now keep this consistent and demonstrate a + 20% growth rate or higher for the new fiscal year. The key for CPJ moving forward will be maintaining this net profit number and the earnings growth they set as a Company coming out of the pandemic.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #77

Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, produces a Record “Tasty Chicken” 1st Quarter

Poultry selling like “Hot Bread”

Listen, poultry, chicken, it is everyone’s friend, whether you roast it, curry it, bake it, jerk it, fry it, bbq it, fry it, brown stew it, fricassee it, whatever your style, everyone loves chicken, and this 1st quarter brought to you by JBG, fondly called “Broilers” in the market is no different. As far as we can recall at ItsMoneyMark, this is a “record” quarter for the Chicken Boss, JBG. Do not take this quarter lightly folks, this is J$ 1 billion plus quarter, not may companies do this on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #57

Growing Corporate Profits, Shortage of Quality Assets: Jamaica

The better the corporate profits, the better the markets. In the U.S. corporate profits have been improving year over year continuously for more than a decade. Besides the anomalies, of course. Every year the query has come up, are we in a “bubble” and “when is this bubble going to bust.” The thing is, if corporate profits are strong, and growing annually, and/or upward trending, then stock markets will do well. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (US: DOW J) is evidence of that. Moving 10 years ago, from just below 13,000 points to this week hoovering around 34,000/ 35,000 points. If profits are stellar and growing, the index and the overall indices will make Mr. Market $$$.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #50

PROVEN Investments Limited (JSE: PIL) like many other listed “investment companies” share price struggles have been “real” as really, it is the psychology of understanding the business model or the company for the wider market. An institutional investor or retail investor prefers to purchase GraceKennedy, Derrimon, Wisynco, and the list goes on of not only something they can “feel” or even “eat” but something that they understand easily… Its all about understanding clearly what you invest in… 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #27

We have seen some mega deals by Jamaica’s largest Companies in the past few weeks. Expect to see more of this and in a Major Way for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022.  
We mean… Can you imagine, after “delta” we now have “mu” confirmed?  
Approximately a year ago, many mid-sized and even big (but not the large ones) Companies took on sizeable debt or preference shares to push through the Pandemic. Many of their owners/ shareholders predicted that within 12 months, approximately September 2021 (the latest), COVID would be well behind us… Well, now its like a COVID party, not just are we in the biggest wave in Jamaica, but also new guests or variants are here… So, we could well be facing the Covid Crisis for at a minimum another 12 months? Let’s see.  

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #4

A few interesting things happened this week, but not shocking. We already know that this economic pause is going to be longer than expected and the GDP contraction is way worse than expected. In a few months from now, there will probably some new phrases floating around for “cash is king” or “dry powder” – it may be “be liquid or sell”.