ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #100

General Accident Insurance: Performs Well Above Average, Expectations in 2022 GENAC put in a gross premium performance, top line of J$ 15.11 billion for their year ended 2022.  Net profit of J$ 597 million with Earnings per Share of J$ 53 cents.  Comparatively to 2021, Earnings per Share, was + 112%. Huge! As we likeContinue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #100”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #73

Supreme Ventures Limited: Doing Deals, and Moving like a Hedge Fund Could be cheap even at 28x P/E Do not always focus on the P/E ratio, but always remember, observe, and compare it to the growth rate, before you say, that share price, company is expensive or over-priced. Although, admittedly, Supreme Ventures Limited (JSE: SVL)Continue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #73”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #69



Wisynco Group Limited (JSE: WISYNCO) declared a good dividend, declaring J$ 20 cents per share, at their recently held board meeting on June 27, 2022. The payment date is August 4, 2022. 

Wisynco’s share price is trading around its 52-week high/ low mid-point, at J$ 19 – J$ 20 per share. The company’s 52- week high/ low is J$ 26.90 per share and J$ 15.37 per share, respectively. The share price has been consolidating a bit, which is not a bad thing as we await the next earnings report from Wisynco. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #68

Access Financial Services Limited (“AFS”): Back in a Big Way, Loans top J$ 4.5 Billion! Will AFS seek to grow again more deliberately and turn up their Loan Distribution? Well, well, Access Financial Services (JSE: AFS) is making Proven Investments Limited (JSE: PIL), QWI Investments Limited (JSE: QWI), and several other minority ordinary shareholders happyContinue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #68”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #67

Is the Dow Jones heading to 25,000 Points, next stop? As we Touchdown at 30,000 Points & Below? 

Opportunities in the Slumping U.S. Markets

We got that brief feeling of “all was well”, the bit of sunshine before the storm, with the Dow Jones rebounding to 31.5k – 32k, even as high as 33k points, then “Boom”, came the fall, we wrote about this potentially happening recently at ItsMoneyMark, the Dow Jones at 30k???

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #64

BoJ Rate Increase and Market Valuations 

The next policy interest rate decision is set for June 29, 2022, and it seems only headed in one direction with two (2) things happening, (a) the latest decision, effective May 20, 2022, raising the rate by 0.50% to 5.00%, and (b) the inflation rate April 2022, coming out at 11.8%. As a consumer, although this is the formal inflation rate, based on food prices, the gas pump, and the practical day to day, inflation practically just feels a bit higher, and more like 20% +. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #54

We have seen some wild swings in the U.S. Market this past week! With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), above 34,000 points and below 33,000 points, creating some extreme short-term opportunities across the Market and in particular US$ blue-chip names. We saw 52-week lows or near this price level for well-known stock names, such as, Facebook Inc, now Meta, Zoom Video, American Airlines, Netflix Inc, Disney Inc, etc.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #50

PROVEN Investments Limited (JSE: PIL) like many other listed “investment companies” share price struggles have been “real” as really, it is the psychology of understanding the business model or the company for the wider market. An institutional investor or retail investor prefers to purchase GraceKennedy, Derrimon, Wisynco, and the list goes on of not only something they can “feel” or even “eat” but something that they understand easily… Its all about understanding clearly what you invest in… 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #49

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity… Despite all the “blaze” about Lumber Depot, Fontana Limited, Spur Tree, and a few others in the past week, remember there are 8 billion people out there, and a lot, a lot of market cap globally.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #41

Lets go!

Buckets of Investing & Popular Investing, New Realm – Jamaica Way
Interesting, new, emerging investment strategies that have been evolving globally over the past few years have been investment themes around shares/ stocks are:
 Popular companies via media, public relations, and social media activity
Companies executing unprecedented & continued growth via deals, mergers & acquisitions, add-ons, etc.