ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #95

ISP Finance Services, Loans hit J$ 742.8 million as of Dec 2022

Ripe for a takeover? Based on ISP’s Dec 2022 year end, the loans of the business net of credit losses, (once you take into account cash on the balance sheet) is clearly on its way to J$ 1 billion soon. This makes ISP Finance quite attractive to the leaders in micro-credit. ISP recently raised a corporate bond and this plus existing cash, allowed ISP to end the period with approximately, J$ 255 million in cash & cash equivalents on the balance sheet. 

ISP has been a slow, steady hand at the wheel, in the micro-credit business, ideal for a market player looking to add size, to their balance sheet. Essentially, grow significantly faster, versus the organic growth path.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #58 – Easter Monday Special!

Super Supreme: Supreme Ventures heading to J$ 50/ share?

The JSE market had a “blip” or pullback earlier this year around February 2022, but since then some selective equities are + 30% to + 50%. Stick with your gut and stick with the stocks posting above average growth, they always come back!

SVL was chilling for quite sometime around J$ 16 – J$ 18 range or so in harbour. It has since broken out to J$ 24 and you just get that feeling it is on the path to doubling…

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #47

The U.S. Fed, Rates Hikes & Interest Rates

.S. President Biden took office on January 20, 2021. He approaches his 1-year anniversary of his 4-year term within a week of today. The Biden team has been making its move at the Fed with the November 2021, re-nomination of Jerome Powell to a 2nd term as Fed Chair. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #23

Let’s get into it now!
 Earnings results are starting to pour in again and turn it on, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange – the JSE, and the theme over the past 12 months continues and even more so, since the Pandemic started – a blistering 18 months ago in Jamaica.  
 The theme is the one of the food companies, especially “niche” food companies moving from strength to strength.