ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #87

Regency Petroleum: Basis of Allotment for their IPO – Initial Public Offer, Ready to Go!

Well, the numbers are out… 

Investors who applied to become shareholders in Regency Petroleum IPO, for the “general pool” the most important pool, will get, their 1st 10,000 shares, and thereafter, they will get approximately 5.3% pro-rata share allocation. 

It continues to show, SMEs, the smaller IPOs – Initial Public Offers, if you can get in them, that is where, there is some serious “alpha”, meaning upside. The oversubscription rates continue to be very high, despite Mr. Market being softer. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #77

Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, produces a Record “Tasty Chicken” 1st Quarter

Poultry selling like “Hot Bread”

Listen, poultry, chicken, it is everyone’s friend, whether you roast it, curry it, bake it, jerk it, fry it, bbq it, fry it, brown stew it, fricassee it, whatever your style, everyone loves chicken, and this 1st quarter brought to you by JBG, fondly called “Broilers” in the market is no different. As far as we can recall at ItsMoneyMark, this is a “record” quarter for the Chicken Boss, JBG. Do not take this quarter lightly folks, this is J$ 1 billion plus quarter, not may companies do this on the JSE – Jamaica Stock Exchange. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #14

FESCO is back out! This is a good look for the stock market and capital markets after it came down swiftly to make some amendments. It was giving the market and investors the feeling of a double whammy (that old game show), as we had Alliance IPO suspended and then we had FESCO next. FESCO was not a suspension but given that it came right after, there was a vibe. As we mentioned, it was just to make some alterations it seems. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #5

If you held onto your US$ Blue Chip stocks or the Oldies but Goodies, you are smiling all the way to the Bank this week! 🙂
The out of favour US$ stocks all year in 2020, and especially since the Pandemic, are drinking Matias from Hawaii to Florida celebrating BIDEN HARRIS Elect and the interesting timing of the Pfizer announcement for the 90% COVID19 Vaccine. The 46th President Elect, Joe R. Biden Jnr. has got rolling with messages of unity, building back, and Coronavirus advisor and advisory.