ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #105

Seprod Limited, Blazes Earnings for Q1 2023

Revenue and Net Profit on Fire for Seprod!!!

Well, well, well, as we say at ItsMoneyMark, the power of sticking with companies, that execute, doing things, organically, or doing deals, mergers & acquisitions and so forth. That is Seprod (JSE: SEP). 

Seprod, was very transparent and clear in their investor relations regarding the positive impact that A.S. Bryden would have going forward on their financial statements and the overall business. We saw this a few quarters ago as it took shape, but like every new integration, after a few quarters you really see the thing take set. That upside, and seeing the potential is clearly here.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #85

Pan Jamaica Group on its Way! Now this is our big money time segment & commentary on Jamaica Producers (JSE: JP) & PanJam Investment (JSE: PANJAM). The deal of deals, the Holyfield! The releases by each company are great, and no doubt this is Huge, Massive, there isn’t even a financial word for it, butContinue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #85”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #80

Sagicor Group Jamaica, Disposes of Sagicor Real Estate X Fund, Moves On
Wise Move by Sagicor Group Jamaica 

New CEOs, tend to execute their own vision, and tend to get a clean slate or path to implement their thoughts towards earnings, earnings growth. When Mr. Christopher Zacca, President & CEO, of Sagicor Group Jamaica (JSE: SJ), stepped into the drivers seat at SJ, admittedly, he had some “sins of the past” that he inherited that he and the Group, have done an admirable jump, of re-structuring and clearing, so that they don’t weigh down SJ’s earnings too much, any further and definitely not going forward. Additionally, not to spread his valuable management team, too thin either; defined as getting them, at SJ, to spend their best time, and most productive time on the right M&A, deals, and highest ROE – return on equity dealings for SJ. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #74

The Lasco Companies: Where do we Go?  Mr. Market wants that Succession Plan. It is the numbers, it is the fundamentals, the strategy, but also the “people” and in the people comes the succession plan… We get this question a lot at ItsMoneyMark, “What is Lasco companies plan long-term or after the great, the legendContinue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #74”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #67

Is the Dow Jones heading to 25,000 Points, next stop? As we Touchdown at 30,000 Points & Below? 

Opportunities in the Slumping U.S. Markets

We got that brief feeling of “all was well”, the bit of sunshine before the storm, with the Dow Jones rebounding to 31.5k – 32k, even as high as 33k points, then “Boom”, came the fall, we wrote about this potentially happening recently at ItsMoneyMark, the Dow Jones at 30k???

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #65

Finding the Lower P/E Ratios, or Potentially undervalued JSE plays that Remain

Jamie Dimon, the famous head of CEO JPMorgan Chase, recently came out with the statement, that we should all brace for an “economic hurricane.” It is not shocking as several financial analysts and economists in the U.S. have signalled this as an expectation from earlier in 2022. We tend to agree with Dimon, and while none of us have a crystal ball, or can time it, you need to take even greater care in your investment oversight for the 2nd half of 2022 and into 2023. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #63

The Market “Hungry” for JPSCo Initial Public Offering (“IPO”), a Big Issuance, Liquidity in the Market & JPSCo Quarterly Earnings Surge 40%

JPSCo 2022 annual revenue on track to beat US$ 1 Billion 

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JSE: JPS) clearly on track based on their recently released first quarter (March 31, 2022) financial results, to surpass US$ 1 billion in operating revenue for 2022. This quarter, must have everyone asking, potential investors, minority shareholders and market analysts at brokerage houses:

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #61

Blistering Earnings Reports Continue for Q1 on the JSE, while the Dow Jones, and U.S. Markets continue to Head Lower…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (US: DJIA) continues to test lower and lower resistance levels. It seems destined to break through the 32,000 points mark, but let’s see what happens. Depends on which U.S. index we examine, but from the peak, we are talking about, U.S. indices being anywhere from 13% – 25% off their highs, whether we speak about the DOW JONES or the NASDAQ. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #54

We have seen some wild swings in the U.S. Market this past week! With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), above 34,000 points and below 33,000 points, creating some extreme short-term opportunities across the Market and in particular US$ blue-chip names. We saw 52-week lows or near this price level for well-known stock names, such as, Facebook Inc, now Meta, Zoom Video, American Airlines, Netflix Inc, Disney Inc, etc.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #53

We can add another sleeper to the mix without over-doing it… Sagicor Select Funds, Manufacturing & Distribution (JSE: SELECTMD). Although we think from our investment cultural perspective because we are unique, the SELECT listings need a “face” as Jamaican investors are having difficulty differentiating between unit trust, collective investment schemes, and these listed quasi-ETFs (exchange traded funds). We still tend to prefer and understand, a straightforward company, which is easy to understand, sells a product or service that we consume, etc. Like the adage, we tend to invest in what we clearly understand. This has not changed over time, and more than likely will not.