ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #105

Seprod Limited, Blazes Earnings for Q1 2023

Revenue and Net Profit on Fire for Seprod!!!

Well, well, well, as we say at ItsMoneyMark, the power of sticking with companies, that execute, doing things, organically, or doing deals, mergers & acquisitions and so forth. That is Seprod (JSE: SEP). 

Seprod, was very transparent and clear in their investor relations regarding the positive impact that A.S. Bryden would have going forward on their financial statements and the overall business. We saw this a few quarters ago as it took shape, but like every new integration, after a few quarters you really see the thing take set. That upside, and seeing the potential is clearly here.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #104

FosRich Company Limited: 1st Quarter Earnings Head Lower by 23%

FosRich Company had a surprising downward quarter, for Q1, for the period ending March 31, 2023. 

The Company did register higher revenues, but they were not enough to offset, higher “cost of sales” and “admin & selling expenses” for Q1 2023. FosRich’s turnover registered was J$ 1.083 billion versus J$ 900 million, year over year, an increase of 20%. However, “cost of sales” ramped up to J$ 637.8 million from J$ 512.7 million, and the other major expense line item, “admin & selling expenses” increased to J$ 260.2 million from J$ 195.1 million. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #100

General Accident Insurance: Performs Well Above Average, Expectations in 2022 GENAC put in a gross premium performance, top line of J$ 15.11 billion for their year ended 2022.  Net profit of J$ 597 million with Earnings per Share of J$ 53 cents.  Comparatively to 2021, Earnings per Share, was + 112%. Huge! As we likeContinue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #100”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #99

Jamaica Public Service Company: Net Profit surges above US$ 54 MM

JPSCo revenue jumps above US$ 1 Billion 

JPS had a year of years for 2022. 

Operating revenue hit US$ 1.16 billion for 2022 versus US$ 973 million for 2021. Net profit surged by + 29% in 2022, versus 2021, at JPSCo, closing the year-end at US$ 54.3 million. JPSCo’s net margin in 2022, not bad at all, at nearly 5%.

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #88

An Intriguing IPO to end 2022 and Start 2023 with a Bang! 

What’s coming and it feels good, almost like a surprise, it has happened suddenly, like Boom! The prospectus has appeared and this one, has some seriously good net profits, and net margins upon preliminary review. We like that. 

The IPO, initial public offer invitation opens December 28, 2022, and closes January 11, 2023. This one should go fast, like hot bread, like most of the recent Junior IPO issuances especially as we re-iterate the numbers. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #87

Regency Petroleum: Basis of Allotment for their IPO – Initial Public Offer, Ready to Go!

Well, the numbers are out… 

Investors who applied to become shareholders in Regency Petroleum IPO, for the “general pool” the most important pool, will get, their 1st 10,000 shares, and thereafter, they will get approximately 5.3% pro-rata share allocation. 

It continues to show, SMEs, the smaller IPOs – Initial Public Offers, if you can get in them, that is where, there is some serious “alpha”, meaning upside. The oversubscription rates continue to be very high, despite Mr. Market being softer. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #80

Sagicor Group Jamaica, Disposes of Sagicor Real Estate X Fund, Moves On
Wise Move by Sagicor Group Jamaica 

New CEOs, tend to execute their own vision, and tend to get a clean slate or path to implement their thoughts towards earnings, earnings growth. When Mr. Christopher Zacca, President & CEO, of Sagicor Group Jamaica (JSE: SJ), stepped into the drivers seat at SJ, admittedly, he had some “sins of the past” that he inherited that he and the Group, have done an admirable jump, of re-structuring and clearing, so that they don’t weigh down SJ’s earnings too much, any further and definitely not going forward. Additionally, not to spread his valuable management team, too thin either; defined as getting them, at SJ, to spend their best time, and most productive time on the right M&A, deals, and highest ROE – return on equity dealings for SJ. 

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #73

Supreme Ventures Limited: Doing Deals, and Moving like a Hedge Fund Could be cheap even at 28x P/E Do not always focus on the P/E ratio, but always remember, observe, and compare it to the growth rate, before you say, that share price, company is expensive or over-priced. Although, admittedly, Supreme Ventures Limited (JSE: SVL)Continue reading “ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #73”

ItsMoneyMark Newsletter #58 – Easter Monday Special!

Super Supreme: Supreme Ventures heading to J$ 50/ share?

The JSE market had a “blip” or pullback earlier this year around February 2022, but since then some selective equities are + 30% to + 50%. Stick with your gut and stick with the stocks posting above average growth, they always come back!

SVL was chilling for quite sometime around J$ 16 – J$ 18 range or so in harbour. It has since broken out to J$ 24 and you just get that feeling it is on the path to doubling…